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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Chester0711, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Chester0711

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    I currently use a record doctor vacuum style cleaner to clean my records. I have used it for years and love my results. However, When I fire it up my dog loses his mind as do my wife and kids. This leaves me with a predicament....

    I tried the dish soap by hand method and drying rack....that sucks, why live life in struggle?

    The same goes for spin cleans and the other weird time sucking options .....

    So, outside of the DC-10 (record doctor) taking off from my den, what else is there that cleans efficiently and doesn’t cost AS MUCH AS A CAR and is somewhat quiet?
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  2. Ghostworld

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  3. Moebius

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    Nessie record cleaning machines are relatively quiet (I have one). I mean the vacuum stage definitely isn't "silent" but its fine. But they're also relatively expensive and clean about as well as other Vacuum RCMs. They also do a model with more automated features (like fluid dispensing and a brush arm) but this is more expensive. The Hannl machines are similar (same chassis) and also supposed to be very quiet and have a fancier rotating brush arrangement... but they start at $2500. Maybe just save up the record cleaning for when the wife/dog are out?
  4. Helom

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    I put my records through the RCM once when new (or new to me), put them in a clean sleeve, and use only a carbon fiber brush thereafter. I brush the record and blow residual dust off with this:

    I don't have any issues with noise.
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  5. vinylontubes

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    An Okki Nokki is a lot quieter than a Record Doctor. It isn't quiet, no vacuum ever is. But the ON doesn't have the high pitched whine of the RD.
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  6. Chester0711

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    This is what I am looking for, I dont need dead silence, but something less obtrusive would be nice. Vacuum noise is fine, but the RD sounds like a broken vacuum.
  7. Chester0711

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    So Okie Nokki , pro-ject and VPI......which one is quietest?
  8. ElevatorSkyMovie

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    I just run mine through the dishwasher.

    Great thing about that, since the labels are gone after, you never know what the next LP will be when you play them.

    The excitement and anticipation is awesome.
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  9. Subagent

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    There is some discussion of db levels of various machines in this thread.
  10. 12" 45rpm

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  11. Tim Irvine

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    Me too only I spritz the brush lightly with Pfanstadt. Also I use the Onzow on the stylus regularly.
  12. Mike from NYC

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    Can't you move it into the garage or somewhere else where the noise would be muffled like a closet or a bedroom that has a door?
  13. SandAndGlass

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    You shouldn't. Once you thoroughly clean a record and put it into a new sleeve, you should never have to clean that record again.


    The Mo-Fi brush is fine, the ONE Step Cleaning Solution is not.
  14. Mike from NYC

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  15. Mike from NYC

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    Surprise, AZ

    No dust in your home? I see dust on my records after a playing them even after I clean them with my AudioDesk. I use a Discwasher with a little bit of distilled water to get rid of the dust.

    I still find the Discwasher the best and a hell of a lot cheaper than most supposed record cleaner brushes. The carbon fiber brushes just push the dirt around w/o lifting it up off the record. I tried 2 well known makes and returned both.
  16. SandAndGlass

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    I'm not sure that you understand my position correctly. Please allow me to restate it.

    After a thorough wet cleaning method of your choice, followed by a rinse and dry. You would then place the record into a new sleeve and return it to its jacket.

    After which, you should never have to wet clean that record again (maybe in 25-30 years?).

    My comment was that the Mo-Fi brush is a outstanding record brush that can be used effectively for wet cleaning or an occasional dry brushing, as needed.

    I own and use one myself.

    I would never put any cleaning solution on a record that I was not planning on thoroughly rinsing away.

    I didn't mean to imply that I do not have dust in my house. I will occasionally dust off a record prior to playing, with a soft dry brush or a carbon fiber brush in a circular motion with the grooves.
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  17. Manimal

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    Wet clean (vac) once when new then only dry brush before plays here. Brush stylus after each side (most of the time)
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  18. David A.

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    I wear my Bose noise cancelling headphones when running the el cheapo wet vac I use exclusively for cleaning records. I can't stand the high pitched whine of the vac.
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  19. classicrocker

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    Worcester, MA, USA
    Wet clean every LP, even new, place in a fresh MOFI sleeve and Zerostat the record before each playing, a couple of pulls, and no brush needed as I can blow off the little dust that accumulates during play. I do keep the dust cover on and closed so that helps keep the dust off.

    I have never had to use a brush on a cleaned record so far and will not wet clean again unless I start hearing more surface noise while playing. Also clean the stylus after each LP played and occasionally use the magic eraser for a more thorough cleaning which helps I think.

    Back on topic, I agree RCM's are noisy but I don't find my Record Doctor any more noisy then your average vacuum cleaner. I admit I only do record cleanings when the family is out running errands so eliminates complaints.

    Chester, just curious does your dog freak out over the vacuum cleaner as well? would think that would be a worst case as it is on for longer stretches of time?
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  20. McLover

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    There really isn't unless you can live with noisy. Loricraft and Keith Monks are the quietest and least noisy of the vacuum record cleaning machines, but uber expensive.
  21. Quidjay

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    My local record shop has this (CleanerVinyl Ultrasonic Record Cleaning ), it's a bit of a hybrid DIY in that you have to order the bath separately from the other parts, but it's pretty straight forward and not bad for your buck at $300-$500, depending on how you outfit it.

    I'd recommend having a spin clean or something with a brush on hand, though, because while it'll get the dust and most gunk that gets down into the grooves out no problem, it sometimes needs some help getting residues off. It also doesn't directly answer your time sink issue (because it does take a while), you'll make up for it in that you can do multiple records at a time.
  22. eddiel

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    In that price range not really. But the Okki Nokki has a sound that is easier to handle then the VPI based on some other threads I've read.

    You might want to look into that new Ultrasonic RCM, there's a thread currently in play but I forget the name of it. The price point is below $1K USD and not too far off the RCMs you mention. Ultrasonic cleaners do give off a high pitch sound but I think the ultrasonic cleaners in discussion reduces that noise considerably.
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  23. Stone Turntable

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    The deafening jet-taking-off noise of my Nitty Gritty vacuum is how I know my records will be clean as a whistle.
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  24. Ghostworld

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    Have you tried Mofi ONE? It leaves zero residue.
  25. Tommyboy

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    That depends. Dust collects over time. You may need to give the LP a light clean, especially if it’s not played for a while.

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