Singers Who Relied On Band Members' Lyrics

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by MortSahlFan, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. Farmer Mike

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    Ric Ocasek for the songs that Ben Orr sang in the Cars
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  2. Gems-A-Bems

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    The Duke City
    I think I remember Casey Kasem mentioning on AT40 way back when that Thompson Twins worked this way, with Alannah Currie writing lyrics for lead singer Tom Bailey’s songs.
  3. Farmer Mike

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    Chris Butler wrote all of the songs for the Waitresses, sung by Patty Donahue.
  4. pbuzby

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    Chicago, IL, US
    I seem to remember reading that although Gabriel wrote almost all of the words for The Lamb, Banks and Rutherford collaborated on a couple of songs to fill out the plot.
  5. Dr Mike

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    Yes, he wrote the lyrics for "One More Red Nightmare."
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  6. Essan

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    Tony Clarkin (lead guitar) writes all the songs - music and lyrics - for Magnum, sung by Bob Catley
  7. Son of Ziggy

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    Keith Richards wrote the lyrics to Ruby Tuesday for Jagger to sing.
  8. wildstar

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    ontario, canada
    Yes he did - and so did Hackett and Collins (though less frequently than Mike and Tony, who in turn wrote less lyrics than Peter). Peter wrote roughly half the lyrics while in Genesis. Phil has said that it was quite common for the lyrics to be written by "pairs". For example (off the top of my head) Collins and Hackett wrote 'For Absent Friends' lyrics together (to Hackett's music) and Rutherford and Banks wrote the lyrics for Watcher Of The Skies together. Also some songs were written completely alone (words and music). Off the top of my head Firth Of Fifth and Time Table were totally written by Banks alone, and Willow Farm and Counting Out Time were totally written by Gabriel alone.

    Gabriel's demand to write all the lyrics for the Lamb album was a major bone of contention as it was unprecedented and the others (Banks and Rutherford in particular) were strongly against it. In fact Banks still brings it up in interviews to this day.
  9. Brewmeister

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    I seem to recall either hearing or reading an interview with Gabriel in which he said something to the effect of how if he had somehow been convinced to stay in Genesis he didn't feel he could ever go back to singing lyrics he didn't write which wouldn't have flown with the others.
    Regarding Phil's lyrics, I think the only lyrics he wrote prior to Duke, were For Absent Friends, More Fool Me, Blood on the Rooftops (with Hackett) and Scenes from a Nights Dream (possibly with Rutherford)
  10. wildstar

    wildstar Forum Resident

    ontario, canada
    Actually Hackett wrote the lyrics to BOTR while Phil's contribution was the music for the chorus.

    Phil made minor lyrical contributions (a couple or a few lines) to Harold The Barrel, which was otherwise Peter's lyric.

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