Single best TV show. (One show only) That you have ever seen.

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by thestereofan, May 16, 2020.

  1. thestereofan

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    San Jose
    By this I mean. A single episode of a show. Not a whole series.

    For example, to start. I have two examples.

    One, ROCKFORD FILES - White on white, and Nearly Perfect with Tom Selleck
    Two, TWILIGHT ZONE - The Obsolete Man with Burgess Meredith

    Please only pick ONE.
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  2. Rachael Bee

    Rachael Bee Miembra muy loca

    Fernwood Tonight

    The funniest thing I've ever seen on TV was an episode of Fernwood Tonight, a spin-off from Mary Hartman Mary Hartman. It was a local TV talk show for the fictional town of Fernwood, Ohio. Martin Mull was the host. Jim Varney was the guest who was a local mechanic who was teaching a course at the community college about how to get the most from your new car warranty. He was also on about a lawsuit against himself after he took LSD when triple dog dared to do so. Varney was on about how to get your car's transmission to break, "...on the good for us, bad for them..." side of the warranty. Then he told us all about putting Austin Healy break pads on a Cadillac, raising a car on the lift through the roof of the gas station, and last but not least, how the oil was changing colors on LSD. Kenneth Mars was a frequent guest on Fernwood Tonight too and he was as whacked out as Varney. He was frequently wearing odd facial devices that were supposed to straighten his jaw or realign his chin....or something like that. This was a long time maybe the early 80's....??? I found the show on U-Tube and watched it a second time some years back.
  3. The Office (US) season 4 opener, Michael hits Meredith with his car. An amazing well written and performed episode.
  4. George Co-Stanza

    George Co-Stanza Forum Resident

    Ozymandias, the 3rd to last episode of Breaking Bad.
  5. Joel Cairo

    Joel Cairo Video Gort Staff

    Portland, Oregon
    "An Evening with Fred Astaire"

    The swinging musical soundtrack, the peerless dancing, the breath-taking color to die for....

    To this day, television doesn't get any better than that.

    - Kevin
  6. James Slattery

    James Slattery Forum Resident

    Long Island
    Final episode of The Fugitive, The Judgment Part 2. I've collected tens of thousands of TV shows for the last 40 years and that's by far the most requested one to watch in my collection.
  7. SCTV
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  8. LilacTeardrop

    LilacTeardrop "Roll It Over, My Soul...and Leave Me Here"

    Nice Thread, OP! :righton:
    Oooph - It was very tough choosing 1, but my winner is:

    I Love Lucy - Lucy Meets William Holden
    (There's only a colorized version on youtube):
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  9. cloggedmind

    cloggedmind Forum Resident

    The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, 1979
    Series 3. Episode 7 - "Full Circle"
    Notably, the last line of dialogue. Gets me misty just thinking about it, and I haven't revisited that in years.
  10. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    I can only narrow it down to a dozen...I tried, I failed...: (
  11. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    always liked Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman better...sure wish I can afford the complete box set...
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  12. Paul C

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    Ontario, Canada
    The series finale of Newhart. It set a standard for comedy series finales that none since have been able to even approach.
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  13. LilacTeardrop

    LilacTeardrop "Roll It Over, My Soul...and Leave Me Here"

    Nice choice! :agree::righton:
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  14. willwin

    willwin Forum Resident

    Maybe the final episode of The Prisoner? Haven't seen it in a while, so it might just be silly
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  15. willwin

    willwin Forum Resident

    THIS backed with "Chef of the Future."
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  16. arley

    arley Forum Resident

    The West Wing episode where President Bartlett curses God in the Latin, no less.

  17. willwin

    willwin Forum Resident

    ANY of the last few episodes would qualify
  18. Monosterio

    Monosterio Forum Resident

    South Florida
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  19. George Co-Stanza

    George Co-Stanza Forum Resident

    "The Contest" is great, but I've never thought it was the best or funniest Seinfeld episode. I get why it is usually considered the best, that said.
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  20. Monosterio

    Monosterio Forum Resident

    South Florida
    I feel exactly the same way.
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  21. malcolm reynolds

    malcolm reynolds Handsome, Humble, Genius


    Twin Peaks The Return Episode Eight
  22. MPLRecords

    MPLRecords Owner of nine copies of Tug of War

    Rochester, NY
    If the question at hand were 'favorite', I'd go with "My Fair David" or "Atomic Shakespeare" from Moonlighting, but certainly "Ozymandias" fits the 'best' bill darn well.
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  23. jeffchisako

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    San Francisco
  24. Brenald79

    Brenald79 Forum Resident

    Probably something from Criminal Minds. I’ll say “Mayhem” episode 1 of season 4. It’s part 2 of the season 3 finale.
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  25. team2

    team2 Forum Resident

    Firefly -- "Ariel"
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