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Sleeve City 15% off - ENTER CODE: LABOR2020

Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by Axis_67, Sep 4, 2020.

  1. Axis_67

    Axis_67 Forum Resident Thread Starter

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  2. jlf

    jlf Custom Title Unlocked

    United States
    Cool, thanks! Haven't tried this brand but I'm getting low on MoFi sleeves and think this will be a good, more cost-effective alternative.
  3. Axis_67

    Axis_67 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Apologies - I misread the email and the discount is 15%. Still a solid deal.

    MARTHY Forum Resident

    So, do people for the most part select the USPS Media Mail for shipping? The other ground options are awfully expensive, considering what, and how much, I am buying.
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  5. superstar19

    superstar19 Deadbeat Member

    Canton, MI, USA
    Yeah, but I think they limit media mail to smaller orders. My last order I tried ordering 3 sets of inners and outers and media mail wasn’t an option but if I went down to 2 sets, then it was an option.
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  6. Myke

    Myke Listening

    Good point.
    Checking my orders there, 2019 I ordered 2 items, state sales tax 9.25% + $4.83 Media Mail from Memphis to me, about 200 miles.
    I see no past orders for 3 items or more, so I'm out of my depth here. A member here recommended them 10 + years ago.
    Funny, he's in Washington State, and here I was / am right in the great state of Tennessee.
  7. riverrat

    riverrat Forum Resident

    I've been ordering from them for years and the only time they offer a better discount (18%) is around Black Friday.

    I buy their Ultimate inner sleeves, and 2.5mil clear outer sleeves.
  8. hype

    hype Forum Resident

    I actually think these are a bit better then the MoFi but they're pretty much neck to neck. These and MoFi are the only 2 brands I will trust anymore personally as i've been disappointed by most other brands.

    also, just a reminder to anyone new to them you can get 5-6 "free" samples to try out a few different items. I've actually outfitted the majority of my 10" records doing this over the years.

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