Small Faces "Autumn Stone" Box Set Coming (Soon?)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Kevin55, Oct 24, 2017.

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    Thank you for your kind comments. You will note that I wasn't disparaging about the monaural versions that you prefer. I already have the monaural versions. I enjoyed the non-monaural versions when I bought the original LP and would enjoy hearing them in decent quality digital form.
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    It's an interesting point, isn't it? My first experience of the Decca Small Faces LP was the 'electronically-processed for stereo' version. That was the way I first heard those tracks, for better or worse, and hearing the 'correct' mono mixes later was a very strange experience that took a lot of getting used to. The electronically-processed versions still give me a pang of nostalgia that I just don't get from the monos.
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    Does the Singles A's and B's See For Miles disc from 1994 have the correct mixes?
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    I find it hard to listen to
  5. Tommyboy

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    I don’t think he was being rude, just restating that he doesn’t like the fake stereo tracks.
  6. KinkySmallFace1991

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    That's exactly how I took it.
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    Any news?
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  8. Kevin55

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    There will also be a 50th Anniversary Ogden's box!
    More news from Rob Caiger:

    The Autumn Stone is March - I'll get actual dates posted soon. Ogdens' will be May, close to the original first announced release date by Immediate in 1968. Here's a teaser...

  9. Tristero

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    Enough with the teases, Rob. Where's the track listing?
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  10. KinkySmallFace1991

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    I agree about Autumn Stone, March will be a long time...

    A 50th for Ogdens? While the stereo mix will more than likely be available again, what else could they put on it that wasn't on the 45th Anniversary 3 disc from 2012? Unless they found all the multis and made that 5.1 they fantisized about in Here Come The Nice, I think I'll stick to my 3 Disc Deluxe.
  11. Kevin55

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    Not sure what they found - if anything. The logo above says " Mastered at half-speed for cool, clean, satisfying sound" so that's different.

    There's supposed to be more info on both releases in the next issue of Shindig magazine (out in January).

    The "free" CD included with the next issue of Mojo has a new remaster of Afterglow from the box.
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    This one I take it.

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  13. Kevin55

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  14. Surferghost

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    March!?! MAY!?!?! I could be dead by then!

    Hm. Difficult to see what 'new' material they could put on an Ogden's box. I'm sure it would be a lovely package, but I think the only way I'd spring for that is if they somehow managed to concoct a decent 5.1 mix, and in my experience only Steven Wilson or Neil Wilkes are capable of that. Bah, who am I fooling, I'll probably end up buying the thing.

    Gah! I want tracklists ! :waiting:

    Oh, and no geographical 'restrictions' on them this time, please - I want to be able to buy these in the country I live in, at a cost that equates with what the rest of the world is going to pay for them, not what AmazonUK thinks it can get away with fleecing me for.
  15. marmalade166

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    More Small faces...? I'm ALWAYS in for this - looking forward to the booklet that'll come with it as well, for all the (hopefully) juicy details therein :righton:
  16. hallucalation

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    How many times this album was re-released? This is not even funny anymore...
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  17. Surferghost

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    I probably shouldn't plant the idea in their heads, but I wonder if they'll save the 1968 BBC session for the Ogden's box? Maybe they'll throw in 'Colour Me Pop' on a DVD.
  18. Deek57

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    I burned a ''Colour me POP'' DVD for my Ogden's CD tin a few years ago.
  19. privit1

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    I hope as is intimated by the 1/2 speed mastering that this is not a vinyl and Digital(CD)release keep them separate release the bonus tracks on Vinyl
  20. Ern

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    Bought the latest Deluxe 3Cd edition, wonder what new stuff they'll come up with, on this new one?!
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  21. e.s.

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    The bit about the half-speed mastering gets me thinking: If they did a deluxe edition with both mono and stereo versions plus outtakes, then that's never been issued on vinyl before, and were live material included, that would add to what's been used on previous CD box sets and justifies a new CD box.
  22. Surferghost

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    Aaargh no, I hope not. Vinyl and CD should always be sold separately. The same content, no exclusive material to either format (I'm not liking the sound of what's mooted for Autumn Stone for this very reason), but separate. Putting both together in one box is never more than a cynical cash-grab (and God knows there have been enough of those already with the Small Faces catalogue). If a collector wants both, there's nothing to stop them from buying both separately. Personally, I don't have a record player any more, and I'm extremely unlikely to buy a new one in the future.

    EDIT: Actually I do have a deck, but currently it's in storage. Not worth dragging out and hooking up for the three or four vinyl exclusives I still own (I always make sure I get HQ digital rips of vinyl content as soon as possible anyway).
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  23. Munros1969

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    Had a listen to the track on the Mojo CD... didn’t sound any different to me I’m afraid. Looking forward to the Autumn Stone release though given that we’ve been waiting for such a long time.
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  24. e.s.

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    Just to be clear, I wasn't suggested the vinyl and CDs be packaged together or that one might contain content the other didn't. My point was that since there hasn't been an Ogden's deluxe set on vinyl and since they're remastering these at half speed, it's possible they're building a vinyl box set for the anniversary and then using whatever extras they come up with for that as a justification to issue yet another deluxe version on CD. (Unless I'm missing one, a new CD collection would be the fourth remastered box set for this after the 2006 Castle tin, the 2012 Charly limited edition, and the 2012 Immediate deluxe edition.)

    My guess is we could see something like this:

    4 LP box set containing:

    LP 1: remastered mono album
    LP 2: remastered stereo album
    LP 3: studio outtakes & alternate mixes
    LP 4: live audio (inc. Color Me Pop and Top Gear performances)

    4 CD + DVD box set containing:

    CD 1: remastered mono album
    CD 2: remastered stereo album
    CD 3: studio outtakes & alternate mixes
    CD 4: live audio (inc. Color Me Pop and Top Gear performances)
    DVD: live video (inc. Color Me Pop and Top Gear performances)

    Unless there is somehow new studio or live material that has been recently unearthed, I'm not sure what else there could be at this point...
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  25. mestreech

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    I settle for those two options. Let them come.

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