Smaller subwoofer than woofer?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by CodecCowboy, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. CodecCowboy

    CodecCowboy New Member Thread Starter

    Santa Barbara
    What are your guys thoughts on using a smaller or same size subwoofer as the woofers in a cabinet?

    For example, if you had speakers with 12” woofers in them, will there be any advantage to adding a 10” or 12” sub, or would you need to go to a 15” to get a real benefit?

    In theory even a smaller sub could go deeper, but something tells me it just wouldn’t sound right.

  2. F1nut

    F1nut Forum Resident

    The Mars Hotel
    A good smaller sub would likely be faster and dig deeper than the speakers.
  3. G B Kuipers

    G B Kuipers Forum Resident

    I've tried adding a 8 inch sub as an experiment when I was listening to 10 inch speakers (Tannoy Turnberrys). Works just fine!
  4. Marshall_SLX

    Marshall_SLX Forum Resident

    It depends where your main speakers -3 db low end roll off is... if the sub can give you 10 or more hz lower then yea itl work
  5. CodecCowboy

    CodecCowboy New Member Thread Starter

    Santa Barbara
    In theory it makes sense but I’m more curious if a smaller (and so presumably faster) subwoofer will sound weird with a large woofer running the higher bass. I can’t help but think there would be synergy issues.
  6. Gibsonian

    Gibsonian Forum Resident

    Iowa, USA
    At high SPL one sub, sized that small, won't keep up with the two larger woofers.

    I see no benefit in going small here.
  7. Phil Thien

    Phil Thien Forum Resident

    Milwaukee, WI
    It depends on the T/S design parameters of the speakers. Some 12” woofers don’t play that low (think Klipsch line). Some 8” and 10” drivers can plan extremely low (at high SPL) in small boxes, with enough boost and power (think Sunfire subs).

    The Q is what your F3 is now, and what sort of music you’re listening to.
  8. missan

    missan Forum Resident

    Well it depends on the speakers and the subwoofers in question.

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