Smashing Pumpkins' classic line up recording a new album & tour*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by ponkine, Nov 14, 2017.

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    Smashing Pumpkins Member Finally Reveals What Reunited Band Will Do In 2018


    darthjul posted the following on the forums, claiming that Jimmy Chamberlin said that the original Smashing Pumpkins lineup would reunite to record new material next year:


    So I’m at the London Drum Show today to see JC perform. Being the mad-schools JC fan I am I rock up UBER early to be front and centre. JC is there, setting up his Sakae kit with some dudes in London Drum Show t-shirts.

    Drum show guy asks about the Pumpkins.

    JC says they’re recording next year.

    Drum show guy clarifies – you mean the Complex?

    JC say no man, the Pumpkins. Original line up.

    * mind-splosion *


    PS. Who ****in’ knows if this will happen, there’s a million reasons it could get de-railed but I think that’s about as definitive as you can get at this stage.

    Billy Corgan stated just a couple of days ago on the Joe Rogan Experience that he hoped to see the original Smashing Pumpkins lineup tour in 2018.

    “I’m going to go record another acoustic album, then hopefully next year there will be a Pumpkins tour. Our fingers are crossed.”

    Rogan said that a reunion tour would be ‘beautiful.’ An original Smashing Pumpkins lineup reunion has been heavily rumored since Billy Corgan, James Iha, and Jimmy Chamberlin reunited for three performances in spring 2016.
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  2. I'm not sure the original lineup would actually add anything to what Corgan is doing right now. Oceania would have a been the perfect time because it contains much of the original Pumpkin's sound. But it's all been a backup band for Billy for a long time, anyway (Mellon Collie excluded).
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    So in other words, Corgan doing everything with Chamberlin on drums, again?
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    I will go see that!
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    Would be an opportune time for Machina deluxe reissue, last album recorded by original lineup.
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    Based on what I’ve heard since the mid to late 90s, Corgan is a spent force whose muse deserted him decades ago. If this is really going to happen my guess is it’ll sound like nothing more than a spent force trying to recapture past glories. Sure I’ll give it a chance but my expectations are below zero.
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    While I never expected D'Arcy to ever rejoin the band, I'm more interested in James Iha rejoining the band. Does this mean Tool might actually be more active than A Perfect Circle? I hope so, I've mostly lost interest in the Smashing Pumpkins, but, I've been waiting over a decade for Tool to spend time together in the studio. But if the D'Arcy and James can bring some life back to the band, I'm at least a little interested.
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    Pretty excited to see how this will turn out.
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    I'm hoping this works out. The last couple of Pumpkins albums were pretty decent, but never lived up to what they were doing during their heyday. I also hope this brings about the reissues of the remaining albums. (And as a footnote, they should have released the promised followup to Monuments To An Elegy.)
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    I'd love to see this lineup play again because I never got a chance to see them in their heyday. I just hope their expectations aren't too high at this point.
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    Pretty much.
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    people are underestimating james iha....
    listen to james' solo album or the songs he did on mellon collie. He brings out the softer side in billy. things like mayonaise or rhinoceros would not have been done without james' enthusiasm in those kinds of songs.

    That is the key aspect missing in newer pumpkins records. too much guns and not enough roses imo....

    as for darcy... i suppose the bass lines will be more simplified and her equipement(sound) adding a bit of old pumpkins to the mix.
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    Has Billy reverted back to his original vocal style?

    That change he made circa mid-2000's (heavy vibrato) kinda put me off from listening to anything much further than "Zeitgeist".

    The vocal style of the "If All Goes Wrong" DVD solidified my opposition.
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    That’s too bad, as the material after Zeigeist is much better, to me.
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    I saw them at the first Lolapalooza and they were terrible. Beastie Boys went on and were surprisingly great. And my favorite band the Pumkins went on and didn't really play. Coragan acted like a petulant kid and cried. They didn't really show up. People just started walking out. I was really really bummed. Everyone else on the bill was great. I'd never heard of Nine Inch Nail. Janes were off the hook, climbing the curtains, just dangerous. Ice T was cool. Living Color were so so. Which bummed me cause i loved them. Pumkins were horrible.

    If they reunite and cash in, go for. Get that money. People love nostalgia. Great band, terrible live.
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    You saw them once, and they were terrible, so "Great band, terrible live"? Sample n=1? Poor science. Maybe they just weren't into that "Lolly Pop Loser" thing. I admire your stamina for lasting through it.

    I've seen them twice. The first time was at the Balch Field House at CU Boulder, CO. It has to be one of the most awful venues in the world. Imaging a band playing inside a steel oil drum.

    The second time was at Red Rocks, and it was a fantastic show.

    BTW, I saw Living Colour at the Fillmore in Denver, CO, and it was massive fun.

    Just maybe (maybe not?), you'll give both bands another chance?
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    Alright! ZWAN Reunion!
  19. pinkrudy

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    no IHA?

    no sale...

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    Guys... Don't forget to write a few songs kinda like Mayonaise. Otherwise, rock on.
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  24. Eleventh Earl of Mar

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    New York
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    Wonder if an old member is coming back.
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