SME serie 3 Tonearm.

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by artanoloog, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. artanoloog

    artanoloog Member Thread Starter

    Does anyone have experience with the SME series 3 tonearm?

  2. Thorensman

    Thorensman Forum Resident

    Yes. Its a very good sounding arm.
    Variable mass.
    The arm has an effective mass of 5g.
    Ideal for Shure V15 mk3.
    And other highly compliant cartridges
    Its versatile

    By adding mass at headshell its mass can be increased to around 11g.
    Ideal for MC ,s

    I use a Linn Asak on mine

    Tilt is adjustable for azmith.
    The arm tube is removable

    Also mass can be added to counterweight
    When effective mass is increased
    In order to balance the cartridge.
    How does it sound?
    Smooth. Clean bass. Some users in the united States have remarked that it has a mastertape sound about ęit.
    Biasing is nigh on perfect and as a result
    Inaging is above average.
  3. Puma Cat

    Puma Cat Forum Resident

    East Bay, CA
    Yes, used one for years on my Rega Planar 3. Works well, particularly with low mass carts as Thorensman has said.
  4. artanoloog

    artanoloog Member Thread Starter

    I use it on the Technics SL 110 with an ortofon Super OM 20.
    In order to obtain the correct VTA, the tonearm must be adjusted higher, but if I place a spirit level on the head shell, it is not spirit level. If the head shell is spirit level, then the ton arm is not.
    Is it true that if the tonearm is lower on the side of the headshell than on the side of the counterweight, more treble can be heard?

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