So My Friend Bought a Marantz 2230...

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Bill Why Man, Dec 18, 2017.

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    After unexpectedly winning a Marantz 2230 on auction at a super reasonable price, he's now faced with wire connection issues.

    The rear speaker connections are the old pinch-back bare wire acceptors. He's got banana plugs. He can't simply buy new wire because it's inlaid into the shelving for aesthetics and would require major deconstruction. He can't just snip off the banana plugs because he has thick, low-gauge wire that has too wide a diameter to fit in the amp's pinch-back holes.

    I've tried to help him find female pin adapters but Amazon is out and many other wire parts sites don't seem to have anything like this available or in production at the moment.

    Does anyone know where to locate such an item or know of an alternate solution? If anyone else has had a similar issue, please feel free to share your success story. Any constructive advice/experience to share is greatly appreciated.


  2. JohnO

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  3. vinyl_puppy

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    The Cable Company has pins from both Cardas and Audioquest.
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  4. RogerB

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    Congrats to your friend on the 2230 purchase! One heck of a nice vintage receiver!!!
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  6. Bob_in_OKC

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    How about just winding some bare solid wire tightly around the banana plug, with a bit extended past the end to insert in the Marantz outputs?
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  7. F1nut

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    Time to install some real binding posts in the Marantz. It's not hard to do.
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  8. McLover

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    Best answer to this problem.
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  9. McLover

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    Use banana adapters. Modifications devalue classic audio.
  10. F1nut

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  11. R. Totale

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    Wrap bare copper wire around the banana plug leaving 3/4" tail out the end. Wrap all but the tail in duct tape. Insert tail in in 2230 terminals. Rock on.
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  12. White_Noise

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    Seconded. I slightly prefer the sound golden era Sansui amps/receivers over most of the classic Marantz receivers. But the warm sound, tuner, and general aesthetic of the 2230 is my favorite 1970s receiver under 4 grand.

    I only use the Sansui now if I need more than 30w. A++. 1972-3 apparently marked the apex quality of most American products except for weed.
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    Hey all - new to the forum. I'm the friend above with the new Marantz 2230. Psyched! It's in the shop now getting cleaned up and an LED upgrade. I ended up finding a guy out of Exeter, NH on Ebay who had exactly what was needed. Female banana with about 8 inches of speaker wire. $10.
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