So there's absolutely no way to play a CD in a new car without a phone?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by The Panda, Jun 24, 2019.

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    No, in 2019, it's really not. LOL! That's how things are done now and it's been that way for a while. My father flat out refuses to get one (he has a clamshell from the days of yore). Seeing the responses to my texts is comical. He almost can't and all the responses are very short. He's also almost 70 years-old. His car has a CD player (it's from 2015) so no biggie for him there although he barely listens to it anyway - he just listens to news.

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  2. Surly

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    If you have the ability (and the inclination), Apple is still making the iPod Touch (I believe they just released a new one) - which these days are basically iPhones without the phone capabilities. So that is an option. As others have said, loading your mix CDs onto some form of a computer music library such as iTunes (others do exist) and then moving those files to a USB stick is another option.

    My 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia is the first car I've ever owned to not come with a CD player. But I have a iPhone XS Max with the largest storage available, so my 26K+ iTunes library comes with me wherever I go. I can play it wirelessly via Bluetooth, or wired via Apple CarPlay.
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  3. Somerset Scholar

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    No CD player? You are buying the wrong car, guys.
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  4. The Panda

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    Interesting, I thought the ipod was dead (I still have one fully loaded).
    We used my Ipod successfully over the weekend. Some of the song titles got really mangled, almost humorous
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  5. Dok

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    I was just getting ready to write that I ran into a friend who had bought a 2019 VW Tiguan and I was looking at it and commented, "no CD player'', when he opened the glove box and said it had 6 CD changer. New Subarus still have CD players.

    No smartphone here... spend too much damn time on the computer as it is. Haven't you heard? Smartphones are generating a morphological adaptation in the human skeleton. They are causing a bone spike at the back of the head from the constant looking down at your phone!

    A Morphological Adaptation?: Smartphones Now Transforming The Human Skeleton
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    Well, it may be the standard but that doesn't mean a smart phone is going to have the same value for every person. I wouldn't expect my parents, who are both in their 80's, to need one.
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  7. soundboy

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    2019 Subaru's still have CD player standard....and 2020 Ascent, Subaru's biggest SUV, still has a CD player as standard equipment.
  8. PH416156

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    What about directly plugging your brain? :eek:

  9. intv7

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    I was referring to the last part of his post (sorry, I didn't quote it) where he said it would be time for a new car in a couple of years.
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  10. darbelob

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    I was a Honda man, but last November, I bought a 2018.5 Nissan Rogue Sport, in very large part because it still had a cd slot and plays discs with ripped mp3 albums. The main reason for the new car was it also had blind spot indicators, back up camera and all the other then current bells and whistles, but those things being equal, the cd slot made the difference. I was ready to find a way to live without a cd slot, but now I don’t have to fret. I am a retired fogey who only drives about 5,000 miles a year and usually keeps his car for at least 10 years, so I figure I am one lucky dude for the next decade. One more reason to drive sensibly: to save the life of my CD player.
  11. soundboy

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    How about a portable CD player that does Bluetooth? I am sure any car nowadays will do Bluetooth....
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  12. Purple Jim

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    If ever I buy a car without a CD player, I will make damn sure that I get one fitted!
  13. Andreas

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    People always say that it's no problem to play music from a flash drive via USB port. In reality, it's cumbersome. Neither my Philips BluRay/DVD Player nor my car player ( Citroën Made in 2017 ) are able to read from my 1GB Western Digital external Flash drive. Of course I can copy parts of my collection to USB sticks, but that means more work for me and that I only have a smaller parts divided over several sticks.
  14. Stone Turntable

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    And there’s absolutely no way to play a tuba in the cold lifeless vacuum of space.
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  15. soundboy

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    Those "bells and whistles" make a big difference....and I am one of those people who turn and look every time I change lanes.
  16. Nostaljack

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    This next generation will likely mangle the tale you're telling. Hard to know yet but I wouldn't be surprised.

  17. Rock66

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    Cars are a funny thing. I had a Lincoln and have a Hyundai Genesis that play MP3 on a USB. The Lincoln was very flaky, the Genesis plays USB discs like a charm but has limits. The main limit is 5400 files so most of my albums are on 32 GB drives (classical has larger files so I use 64GB, the largest drive the system recognizes.) I have a CD player in the car, but it is easier to make the discs since I can pile 20 or 40 albums on one. The biggest drawback is playback is alphabetic. To compensate I have to put the track number in front of the track on the USB (I keep the ripped track pristine in case the player actually reads the metadata.) My experience has been most auto players are very limited with respect to mp3 playback control, the Genesis is a little better than the Lincoln was, but not much.

    I've been looking for a new car this year, most of the cars I've seen have a CD player but my rentals have not had the CD player. And some of the cars have a "super fancy" line that play DVD-A (the Lincoln had that).

    I don't like having to stream since it is a money stream as well but if the playback device runs apple or android the newer cars will connect to them. I agree the situation is very annoying.
  18. Limopard

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    Don‘t miss the CD player in the car since my (quite basic) Hyundai i30 CW from 2018 can connect with phones (via cable or bluetooth) or USB devices. The fidelity of a decent MP3 or AAC file is more than sufficient for car use.

    Nevertheless I wouldn‘t go without a disc player at home.
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  19. Dillydipper

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    Well, they were already mp3's when I started picking up thumb drives to put them into the car in the first place: personally-tagged and labeled for use in driving (before I started exploring FLAC). In fact, the very first one I used, was a thumb drive the car company sent to me: a drive stuck in a tiny model of my new car. That was the first one I loaded-up...which only plays the first 4o tracks it holds. :shrug:
  20. Brian Barker

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    If/when I have to buy another car, if I can't get a CD player in it, I'll buy a used car.
  21. arob71

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    Since the Japanese are still really into CDs, I wonder if Japanese manufacturers might hold out a little longer.

    My wife got me the one in the link below for Christmas. It's powered by USB or batteries, has an anti-skip buffer, and plays through the speakers via bluetooth. She bought it for the day we get a vehicle without a CD player. By the time I need to use it, it will probably be obsolete as well.

    Air CD
  22. The Panda

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    Welcome to 2008. Do you think Brett Favre will leave the Packers?
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    This next generation will have a whole new set of stuff they don't need when they're in their 80's.
  25. sddoug

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    My new 2019 Audi A6 does not have a CD player. I have a 128GB SD card in it with 100's of albums on it. It also has a USB slot which I currently have a 64GB USB stick plugged in with some classical and jazz music I enjoy. My previous car had a 6 disc changer. This is so much better. I no longer have plan what to listen to ahead of time. Everything I like is already there.
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