Some good deals via thriftbooks

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    Canceled my Pearl Jam Vs. 30th. Deal seemed a little too good to be true but it was there for $25.
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    Never got my Rascals 4 lp box after waiting a month......I am officially out on this bunch.
  3. DapperGentleman

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    InnerSleeve raised prices going into their sale today. Amazon didn't discount much new today. I'm only seeing lower prices at ThriftBooks today. Some of these we've discussed before but a deal is a deal, even when it's not new today.

    Cowboy Junkies - Songs Of Recollection for $9.40
    Songs Of The Recollection album

    Desert Rose Band - True Love - 1992 album's first vinyl release - for Poco fans (?) - $9.52
    True Love album

    ... and their Pages Of Life LP is $9.51
    Pages Of Life album

    Ani DiFranco - Revolutionary Love 2LP - $8.25
    Revolutionary Love album

    BMX Bandits - Star Wars - remastered 2021 reissue of the 1991 LP for $7.81
    Star Wars album

    Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland did an album of 'American Songbook' songs for Concord - reviews are good - $8.43
    Always Like New album

    Chatham County Line 'Strange Fascination' is excellent Americana IMO - $7.19
    Strange Fascination album

    Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon 'Split' is $9.22
    Noon album

    Ian Hendrickson-Smith is a New York based sax player with a long pedigree. 'The Lowdown' is $8.67
    Hendrickson Smith Ian album

    Michelle Branch - Trouble With Fever for $9.52
    The Trouble With Fever album

    Brad Mehldau's 'Suite: April 20' is his solo piano pandemic album - super good for $8.55
    Tbd album

    Aquaserge had a 2018 release on Crammed! Discs from Europe - French art rock for $7.33
    Deja-Vous? album

    Francois & Atlas Mountains are a French lounge / retro band - fun for $7.05
    Banane Bleue album

    Andra Day's first album was a 2LP set, 2016, and well regarded soul RnB. $9.34
    Cheers to the Fall album

    I really enjoy Lola Kirke's 'Lady For Sale'. Retro country sound for $8.16
    Lady For Sale album

    Kelsey Waldon's 'No Regular Dog' is on John Prine's label and was produced by Shooter Jennings. $8.53
    No Regular Dog album

    M. Ward might appear in these sales more than anyone else? Think Of Spring is $8.30
    Think Of Spring album

    Dave And Phil Alvin's 'Common Ground' is $8.37
    Songs From Common Ground album

    Barry White's 'I Love To Sing The Songs I Sing' from 1979 got a reissue in 2018. $9.31
    I Love To Sing The Songs I Sing album

    That St. Vincent remix record 'Nina Kraviz Presents Masseduction Rewired' is $9.59 and almost sold out
    Nina Kraviz Presents Masseduction... album

    Dirty Projectors have a lot of cred in NYC. Their '5 EPs' collects 20 songs across 2 LP's for $9.76
    5 Eps album

    Midlake's 'Bethel Woods' is new here for $9.11
    For The Sake Of Bethel Woods album

    Loney Hutchins' 'Appalachia' is a reissue of his 1970's country rock album. Pretty good! $7.05
    Appalachia album

    Scorpions' 2022 album 'Rock Believer' isn't half bad! $9.85
    Rock Believer album

    Dissambler is a new Christopher Tignor project on Western Vinyl. $8.85 shipped
    Wave From A Shore album

    Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey is a piano trio with a modern sound and some guests - bought this last week and really enjoying it - $8.14

    Winterwood album
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  4. DapperGentleman

    DapperGentleman Forum Resident

    Philip Glass 'The Hours' 2LP set reissue for $13.32
    The Hours album

    Queensryche's 'Digital Noise Alliance' 2LP set, UPC indicates colored vinyl, for $14.38
    Digital Noise Alliance album

    Molina + Nils Lofgren + Neil Young 2023 'All Roads Lead Home' for $9.52
    All Roads Lead Home album

    Matthew Sweet's 2021 release on Omnivore for $8.21
    Catspaw album

    Ron Sexsmith's latest from 2023, 'The Vivian Line 'for $9.97
    The Vivian Line album

    Sophie B. Hawkins' 2023 album 'Free Myself' for $12.18
    Free Myself album
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  5. DapperGentleman

    DapperGentleman Forum Resident

    I think I'm the only person championing Thriftbooks, but I am a book buyer and a vinyl buyer so they are a natural for me. Free shipping kicks in at $15. Here are titles in their 'bin' today. Some are recent, some are re-posts:

    Cowboy Junkies - Songs Of The Recollection $8.09
    Songs Of The Recollection album

    Sleigh Bells - Texis for $8.68
    Texis album

    The Record Company - Play Loud 2LP for $8.09
    Play Loud album

    Aimee Mann - Queens of the Summer Motel - $8.96
    Queens Of The Summer Hotel album

    Rhiannon Giddens - They're Calling Me Home - $8.46
    They're Calling Me Home album

    Don Cherry - Where Is Brooklyn - Blue Note Classic Vinyl for $9.96
    Where Is Brooklyn? album

    Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - Watchmen HBO Soundtrack V. 2 (American Hero) for $8.99
    Watchmen: Volume 2 album

    Watson Twins 'Holler', a 2023 album - Americana rock, they've played with Jenny Lewis remember, for $9.50
    Holler album

    Mary Chapin Carpenter - Dirt And The Stars for $8.98
    The Dirt And The Stars album

    James Bay - Electric Light (the picture disc version) for $8.09
    Electric Light album

    Leland Whitty of Badbadnotgood - Anyhow for $9.50
    Anyhow album

    Sebastian Bach's Skid Row first album reissue on pink for $10.90
    SKID ROW album

    Paul Rodgers of Free - Cut Loose reissue on colored for $10.61
    Cut Loose album

    Drive-By Truckers rarities 2LP set 'The Fine Print' on clear for $10.19. This is when Jason Isbell was with the band
    Drive By Truckers The Fine Print album

    Bullet For My Valentine's self-titled 2021 album for $10.10
    Bullet For My Valentine album

    Della Mae, the female bluegrass band, 'Headlight' from 2020 for $10.08
    Headlight album

    Chad Van Gaalen is still putting out albums on Sub Popo. 'World's Gardener' is $10.02
    World's Most Stressed Out Gard album

    Heathered Pearls 'Cast' is good, quiet electronica on Ghostly Intl. Colored! $10.32
    Cast album

    Ambient greatness! Tomas Nordmark 'Exit Ghosts' for $10.54
    Exit Ghosts album

    Anciients (with two ii's) 'Voice Of The Void' 2LP on clear on Season Of Mist for $10.59. Growl metal.
    Voice Of The Void album

    Brooke White - Calico - Nashville-style country for $10.68
    Calico album

    Gang Of Youths are from Australia, really good, comparable to, oh, Foster The People / Passion Pit maybe? 2LP's on clear for $10.27
    Angel In Realtime. album

    Gordon Downie of Tragically Hip - the cool 2LP version of his solo album (with bonus acoustic album) is $10.13
    Awat Is Mine Deluxe album

    Ora The Molecule are fun! Synthpop from Norway, female vocs, 2LPs on Mute! $10.19
    Human Safari album

    Steve Earle's 2LP on colored wax - 'Guy' for $10.19!!??
    Guy album
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    Good lord, how difficult is it to include the artist name along with the title?
  7. Ex-Oligarch

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    Ithaca, NY
    I haven't purchased from Thriftbooks before, but I have sold to them and they are a solid company. I help run a large Friends of the Library charity, and we've been dealing with Thriftbooks for years with no issues. (They take our leftover books, pay the shipping and split the profits from any sales with us.)

    I am a bit curious about where they are getting their audio/video media -- in the past they specifically declined to take those from us.
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  8. DapperGentleman

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  9. mrdiscman

    mrdiscman Disc Manufacturing Specialist

    Nice one with the The Quest by Yes - it's 2 LPs and 2 CDs. Thanks always!
  10. DapperGentleman

    DapperGentleman Forum Resident

    Unlike every other site I visit, ThriftBooks has added and re-stocked some new titles in 2024. Free shipping kicks in at $15.

    Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland did an album of Broadway hits: $8.01 with "free" shipping
    Always Like New album

    Remember the two 'Siblings' albums from Alex Somers? These are Sigur-Ros-Related titles that have been discounted elsewhere before. Each is $8.09 with "free" shipping
    Siblings album
    Siblings 2 album

    This is back in stock. Stars 'Capelton Hill' for $8.09 shipped
    From Capelton Hill album

    Jason Robert Brown has a mini-album on the respected Craft Recordings label. It's a Broadway-related project. Ariana Grande sings a song. $8.09 with "free" shipping
    Coming From Inside The House album

    Mick Harvey has an atmospheric soundtrack LP, Waves Of Anzac, for $8.09 with "free" shipping
    Waves Of Anzac album

    Nite Jewel 'No Sun' is a one-woman electronica project. I've seen her open concerts for a couple of touring electronica musicians. Worth a listen for $8.09 with "free" shipping
    No Sun album

    Josh Werner 'Mode For Titan' is a modern jazz work. Bassist Werner has recorded with Bill Laswell among others. $8.09 with "free" shipping
    Mode For Titan album

    Jazz trumpet player Dave Douglas's 2022 album 'Overcome' has vocals, but worth a listen perhaps. $8.09 with "free" shipping
    Overcome album

    Kelsey Waldon "No Regular Dog" is on John Prine's Oh Boy label. Traditional Kentucky country, sounds great to me. $8.09 with "free" shipping
    No Regular Dog album

    Someone must buy Lee Ranaldo records but I've never met him. Lee's 2020 album on Mute is $8.09 with "free" shipping
    Names Of North End Women album

    Visible Cloaks 'Lex' is a 6-song mini album of synthy ambient music. I bought this a year ago I see. $8.01 with "free" shipping
    Lex album

    I have no room on my shelves for tribute records, but if you collect the Sweet Relief series you might want this one. "Sweet Relief Tribute To Joey Spampinato" has Steve Forbert, Los Lobos, Minus Five, She & Him, Robbie Fulks, and many many more. $8.09 with "free" shipping

    I had never bought this until today. Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream joined up with Jehnny Beth of Savages to record an album of traditional-sounding country duets. On the Third Man label, $7.56 with "free" shipping
    Utopian Ashes album

    Oh wow! Yumi Zouma's 'Truth Or Consequences - Alternative Versions' is a different record than 'Truth Or Consequences'. Female vocals indie / shoegaze / dream pop, worth a listen for sure IMO. $8.65 shipped
    Truth Or Consequences Alternate... album

    I was a Smith Westerns fan, so I also found myself enjoying Whitney's 'Spark' album from 2022 on Secretly Canadian. $9.17 with "free" shipping
    Spark Milky White album

    Glen Phillips of Toad The Wet Sprocket - his 2022 solo album is $9.17 with "free" shipping
    There Is So Much Here album

    I bought Ora The Molecule's 'Human Safari' at the Rough Trade store on Fifth Avenue for $30 or so. 2LP set of old-school synthpop with female vocals on Mute. $8.09 with "free" shipping
    Human Safari album

    Shootouts 'Bullseye' is a hoot. That old-school twangy rockabilly sound, just $7.56 with "free" shipping. Oh, be sure to listen to this one
    Bullseye album

    Rick Deitrick 'Coyote Canyon' folky on the respected Tompkins Square label. $8.01 with "free" shipping
    Coyote Canyon album

    Did we have this before? Kate Taylor (James Taylor's sister) 'Why Wait' for $8.09 with "free" shipping
    Why Wait! album

    I never heard Camp Cope, an Australian band, but their LP came out there in 12 different colored variations. $8.09 with "free" shipping
    Running with the Hurricane album

    Old-school techno from Nicolas Bougaïeff – The Upward Spiral. 2LP's on Mute for $8.09 with "free" shipping

    Biffy Clyro – A Celebration Of Endings - their 2020 album for $8.35 with "free" shipping

    Superchunk's 2022 album 'Wild Loneliness' for $8.18 with "free" shipping
  11. dr jazz

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    park ridge,il,usa
    Fyi.sometimes they also list on Amazon. Recently ordered a DVD used that was 10 cents more on Amazon but came with free shipping. DVD was $5 and there wasn't anything else I immediately wanted on thriftbook. Once ordered on Amazon it showed No longer available in my thrift book cart
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  12. DapperGentleman

    DapperGentleman Forum Resident

    Yesterday we looked at the sub-$10 titles at Thrift Books. Today we'll look at the slightly more expensive stuff.

    Devendra Banhart's 2020 album 'Vast Opoid' for $10.26 with "free" shipping
    Vast Ovoid album

    Who knew being the son-of-Bram-Tchaikovsky's-bass-player was a thing? Jack Broadbent is a UK blues rock guitarist. Ride is $10.26 with "free" shipping
    Ride album

    Big 2LP set of live blues rock from Michael Landau called 'Liquid Quartet Live'. $10.08 with "free" shipping
    Liquid Quartet Live album

    Texas roots Americana from Ryan Culwell for $10.26 with "free" shipping
    Run Like A Bull album

    This is different. Sami Yaffa of Hanoi Rocks reads from his autobiography of his 1970's years with Hanoi Rocks. It's a vinyl LP for $10.26 with "free" shipping. Amazon reviews are good
    The Road Bends album

    Wow, I never bought this. UK band James's ' 2021 All The Colours Of You' big 2LP set for just $10.84 with "free" shipping
    All The Colours Of You Lp album

    Arcade Fire's 'We' for $10.41 with "free" shipping
    We album

    Scritti Politti's 'Anhomie & Bonhomie ' had not received a vinyl release till 2021. 2LP for $10.67 with "free" shipping
    Anomie & Bonhomie album

    Monkees 'Live Mike & Micky Show' on Rhino - 2LP for $11.35 with "free" shipping. Only 3 copies left
    The Mike & Micky Show Live album

    Bernard Hermann's 'Psycho' was recorded in a live concert setting with the composer conducting. Reviews are mixed - a couple complaints about sound quality, but this is a history recording of a historic work. $11.35 with "free" shipping (it's $27 at Amazon)
    Psycho Suite:Intended Full Original... album

    Prog? Pineapple Thief 'Version Of The Truth' for $11.26 with "free" shipping
    Versions Of The Truth album

    James Blake 'Friends That Break Your Heart' for $11.28 with "free" shipping. Tom Waits for the millennials?
    Friends That Break Your Heart album

    Instrumental surf-rock guitar from Greg Townson of Los Straitjackets for $11.28 with "free" shipping
    Off And Running album

    Jim Lauderdale's 'Hope' for $12.44 with "free" shipping
    Hope album

    Lyle Lovett's 2022 album ' Twelfth Of June ' for $12.82 with "free"shipping. On Verve ...
    12th of June album

    Chelsea Williams 'Beautiful & Strange' for $12.44 with "free" shipping. Folky pop, like Eleni Mandell to my ears.
    Beautiful And Strange album

    Steve Vai's 'Flex-Able' got a remastering from Bernie Grundman in 2022. $12.73 with "free" shipping
    Flex Able: 36 Th Anniversary album

    Elephant 6 bandElf Power have been around for 25 years. Their 2022 album is $12.44 with "free" shipping
    Artificial Countrysides album

    No love for Jonsi of Sigur Ros? 'Shiver' 2LP for $13.53 with "free" shipping
    Shiver album

    Billy Bob Thornton's Boxmasters are still going. 'Help I'm Alive ' is $13.53 with "free" shipping
    Help...I'm Alive album

    Not a great deal, but a favorite album. Flamin' Groovies 'Now' got a 2021 reissue. $14.99 with free shipping
    Now album

    Very, very strange LP+DVD set from filmmaker Doris Wishman. $14.65 with "free" shipping
    The Best Of Doris Wishman album
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  13. dr jazz

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    park ridge,il,usa
    Any cd suggestions? Thanks
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  14. DapperGentleman

    DapperGentleman Forum Resident

    UPC # confirms this is the 3xLP reissue of Radiohead's 'Kid Amnesia' from 2021 for $32.89 with free shipping.
    Kid A Mnesia album
  15. hutlock

    hutlock Forever Breathing

    Cleveland, OH, USA
    The Human League Virgin Years box set for $107. Amazon price is $123. Might get lower but still a decent deal:

    The Virgin Years album
  16. DapperGentleman

    DapperGentleman Forum Resident

    My order of the Radiohead was just cancelled, 3 hours after I placed it. Gotta say I hate the cancellation, but I appreciate the speed and clarity of the notification. AND they have already taken down the listing from the website.
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  17. the real pope ondine

    the real pope ondine Forum Resident

    my last three orders were cancelled, not sure what's going on there :sigh:
  18. hutlock

    hutlock Forever Breathing

    Cleveland, OH, USA
    Hmmm. Well I just placed an order for a Blue Note title and when I looked in my shopping cart, it said “All copies are in Shopping Carts” or something like that. Obviously one of those shopping carts was mine but now I’m wondering if someone else beat me to the draw. It did let me go ahead and make the purchase at least? I don’t buy a ton from Thriftbooks but I’ve never seen that messaging before. Anyone else?
  19. grouploner

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    Pittsburgh, PA
    This was my first time on the site - I put a copy of an LP that was listed as "Only 1 Left" into my cart. When I clicked on the listing again, it also listed as 'all copies in shopping carts'. I had also placed another disc in my cart that had something like 34 copies or so... when I went back to that listing it said '33 copies, and 1 in shopping carts'.

    If this is real-time inventory it's actually a nice feature, although it's apparently not foolproof (as noted by @DapperGentleman with the Radiohead LP a few posts back). Too bad more companies don't do this.
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  20. dr jazz

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    park ridge,il,usa
    As noted above I had a dvd in my cart and then noticed they also had it listed on Amazon. When I purchased at Amazon, my thrift book cart had it listed as no longer available. Fwiw, my last 2 DVD from them listed as like new came sealed
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  21. Davidmk5

    Davidmk5 Forum Resident

    Marlboro , ma. usa
    I've been seeing this on different sites over the last month or so ....... I wonder if that's to get you to purchase faster on impulse ? just a thought . ETSY always did that "17 people also have this item in their cart & there are only 3 left" then you go back days later & 3 are still there .
    But i have been noticing other sites doing this .
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  22. hutlock

    hutlock Forever Breathing

    Cleveland, OH, USA
    And they just cancelled/refunded me on this one.
  23. DapperGentleman

    DapperGentleman Forum Resident

    Thriftbooks took down their vinyl for one day this week, then reappeared with a shorter list. Perhaps they did some inventory checking? Some cheapies on Thriftbooks today. Free Shipping kicks in at $15, so it's not hard to get to that level.

    This Is The Kit - Off Off On for $8.09. Several of us bought this a while ago and really enjoyed it.
    Off Off On Ie Red album

    dB's - I Thought You Wanted To Know 1978-1981 2LP for $10.26
    New & Used Books | Buy Cheap Books Online at ThriftBooks

    Belle & Sebastian's 2022 album 'A Bit Of Previous' for $8.09
    A Bit Of Previous Ie album

    World Party's 2LP reissue of Egyptology for $8.99
    Egyptology Ie Rsd Essentials Egyptian... album

    Magnetic Fields - House Of Tomorrow- on green for $8.09
    The House Of Tomorrow album

    Esther Marrow - Sister Woman - soulful / RnB, pretty good for $8.09
    Sister Woman album

    Deap Vally - Marriage Is Orange for $8.09. Female indie project, popular here in Los Angeles
    Marriage Ie Orange Marble Vinyl album

    Painted Shield '2', a smaller discount at $14.62. This is Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam
    Painted Shield 2 Ie Coke Bottle Vinyl album

    !!! (Chk Chk Chk) - Let It Be for $8.09
    Let Ie Be Blue Ie Blue Vinyl D/Load... album

    Avi Kaplan - Floating On A Dream was a minor hit here in L.A. Buy it for $8.09
    Floating On A Dream Ie Black Ice Vinyl... album

    Liam Gallagher - CMon You Know for $8.09
    C'mon You Know Ie Clear Vinyl album

    Alex Izenberg's second album for Domino was I'm Not Here. 'World Weary' it says. $8.09
    I'm Not Here Ie Evergreen Vinyl... book

    North Mississippi All Stars - Set Sail for $8.09
    Set Sail Ie Gotham Color Vinyl D/Load... album

    Hardcore band Underoath is 27 years old now. Their 2022 LP Voyeurist is $8.09
    Voyeurist Ie Golden Age Vinyl album

    Hand Habits - Fun House - catchy female indie pop for $8.09
    Fun House Ie Black & Lt Blue Vinyl/Dl... album

    We've had this before, but worth refreshing Natalie Hemby is the fourth member of The Highwomen (with Amanda Shires, Brandi Carlisle and Maren Morris), so she's got cred, and a good album. Pins And Needles is $8.09
    Pins And Needles Ie Clear Smoke Vinyl album

    Gang Of Youths - Angel In Realtime 2LP for $11.17 . Australian band, catchy songs and great live show. Video below, it's an earworm!
    Angel In Realtime. Ie album

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  24. grouploner

    grouploner Forum Resident

    Pittsburgh, PA
    One album I saw on this site today (which I don't think was mentioned before) is Felix Cavaliere's 2023 vinyl release 'Then And Now' for $8.69. A great old-style blue-eyed soul record for fans of Calvaliere's old band The Rascals.

    This record did not seem to be promoted at all when it was released last year, which is a shame as I think it would appeal to a lot of Forum members. (I couldn't even find a listing for the vinyl version on Discogs, but I have it and it's a very nice pressing.)

    It was definitely worth the $20 that I paid for it, and for $8.69 I would definitely consider it a bargain indeed.

    See the thread HERE from last fall talking about the release. Just wanted to make folks aware in case there is any interest.
  25. DapperGentleman

    DapperGentleman Forum Resident

    I have been enjoying the Thriftbooks site. It has been updated daily with new stuff recently. Today 100+ new vinyl titles added. Some will be cheap, some will not.

    Things I saw

    Gayle - A Study Of The Human Experience for $10.26. She opened some of the Taylor Swift shows last year
    A Study Of The Human Experienc album

    Sparta was spun out of At The Drive-In. Their album received a vinyl reissue in 2023. $11.35
    Sparta album

    Emo band Scary Kids Scaring Kids are still going. Their latest is $11.35
    Out Of Light album

    John Hiatt's 'Tiki Bar Is Open' has been cheap everywhere. $10.26
    The Tiki Bar Is Open album

    Russkaja is an Austrian metal band that plays 'Polka Metal', kinda fun and weird. $10.26
    Turbo Polka Party album

    Joy Zipper's 'American Whip' got a vinyl reissue. $8.09
    American Whip album

    Titus Andronicus 'Will To Live', 2022, 3 sides, $8.99
    The Will To Live album

    Armor For Sleep are still going. Rain Museum is $11.35
    The Rain Museum album

    'Greensleeves Gold', a 2022 1LP compilation of reggae on the Greensleeves label, $10.26
    Greensleeves Gold album

    Pet Fox - classic emo sound, jangly bedroom, then crashing guitars. Worth $8.09 if you enjoy this stuff
    A Face In Your Life album

    Ginger from The Wildhearts, with the Sinners, for $10.26
    Ginger Wildheart & The Sinners album

    Oh wow! Karen Aurelia Smith's 'Let's Turn This Into Sound'. Popular electronica presence in Los Angeles. $10.26
    Let's Turn It Into Sound Yellow album

    Shoot, I truly paid $30 for this. Florist is an Emily Sprague project, dreamy and quiet. Love this. $11.35
    Florist album

    ... but this is what I am buying today. Baby Cool 'Earthling', an Australian indie / psyche pop project with female vocals. So far it's my favorite. $10.26
    Earthling On The Road To Self Love album

    Remina 'Strata' is good too. It's labeled as some sort of metal thing, but it's more Cocteau Twins / dreampop than that, with female vocals that come and go. $8.09
    Remina Strata album

    OSS is Alex Patterson from The Orb. Enter The Kettle is $11.35
    Enter The Kettle album

    Josie Cotton's 2010 album got a vinyl reissue in 2021. $8.09
    Pussycat Babylon album

    Diane Coffee had a new album. He's from Foxygen, his albums are fun. 'With People' is $10.26
    With People album

    Michael Des Barre's band Detective had their debut album remastered (?) and reissued in 2022. $8.09
    Detective album

    Oh, shoot, buy this! Shoegaze / Dream Pop fans! Slow Crush's 'Hush' for $11.35
    Hush album

    Bret Naucke's Mirror Ensemble is a good electronica / ambient / experimental thing for $8.09
    Mirror Ensemble album

    Jeanines have another album? Classic jangly-pop sound with crystal clear female vocals. On Slumberland, $10.26
    Don't Wait For A Sign album

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