Songs That Seemingly Have No Precedent

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by stanleynohj, May 13, 2022.

  1. If I Can Dream_23

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    "Feels Like The First Time": Foreigner.

    The title even says so. :D
  2. If I Can Dream_23

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    You are correct, although Brian Wilson too should be added to Lennon/McCartney/Harrison....when it comes to "Top 40 Pop Groups" bringing those things to the mainstream in a way that was now suddenly "okay" for "mere" pop groups to do. See "Good Vibrations" for a famous and pivotal example (again, at least in terms of pop).
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  3. Outside India or Pakistan, at least.
  4. JSUB

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    Since a lot of these seem to be production related, I'd throw in Cher's "Believe" with it first exaggerated use of Auto-Tune
  5. JoeF.

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    Influences, certainly . And “ Telstar”
    as well. But nothing Spector ever produced was as powerful and intense as “ Born to Run”
    And there were no female voices in sight.
  6. Oatsdad

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    I guess this depends on how literally we interpret the thread's concept.

    Obviously "BTR" the song comes with a clear "Wall of Sound" influence, but I don't think there are any "WoS" songs that sound like it.

    Every song shows some influence. In the spirit of the thread, some have less influence than others, but nothing just appears out of nowhere without some nugget of precedent...
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  7. Artdob

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    Queen: We will rock you
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  8. JoeF.

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    I don’t think there’s any one song that is not influence by something that came before. Even Autobahn or I Feel Love — or Blitzkreig Bop, for than matter—we’re influenced by something.

    But is the finished product fresh, new and exciting and unlike anything else in the air?

    I think the three examples above— and Born to Run fit that criteria.

    B2R is clearly influenced by Spector, but no Spector production I can think of was ever driver by such a powerful guitar riff.
  9. Purple Haze

    Bela Fleck & The Flecktones - The Sinister Minister
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  10. bRETT

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    You can name dozens of records that "Born to Run" kinda sounds like. "BTR" is arugably better than 95 percent of those records, but that doesn't mean there was no precedent for it.
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  11. George Blair

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    This song always makes me wonder: How would you know what the first time feels like, if it's the first time?? Kind of messes with my head. :sigh:
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  12. If I Can Dream_23

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    Now I might be up all night trying to figure that out...:laugh:
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  13. JoeF.

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    Kind of like Madonna feeling “ like” a virgin…
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  14. idleracer

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    :kilroy: It's a bit of a hybrid. I've always thought it sort of sounded like Neil Diamond's BROTHER LOVE'S TRAVELIN' SALVATION SHOW had it been produced in the same manner as Dusty Springfield's STAY AWHILE.

    There's also an argument to be made that it sounds a little like Wizzard's "Angel Fingers" from a couple of years earlier:

  15. The_Windmill

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    Of course se was not, as the overmentioned Revolution. N. 9 was a take on musique concrete.
    Se was well familiar with - part of - the Fluxus movement and well attuned to contemporary and conceptual art.

    The point is: everybody is influenced by somebody or something, whether is it openly or covertly.

    But I think the point of the OP was to find originality inside of a specific delimited genre, that came to influence hugely what happened next.
    If we don't keep this in mind, well nobody is truly original.
  16. SPF2001

    SPF2001 grammatically challenged

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    "Smashed!Blocked!" - John's Children.
    All I know is,when I first heard this unique sound coming out of my radio, I had to go out and get the 45.
  17. JoeF.

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    I don’t hear the similarity, but then again , I always thought — but no one ever knows. what I’m talking about — that Born to Run’s opening riff is distantly related to Take It Easy , by The Eagles
    Hearing Bruce’s acoustic version made me realize that.
  18. Zach Johnson

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  19. JoeF.

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    Cat Stevens, “ Was Dog a Donut?”
  20. Ma Kelly

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    Folk maybe, but I'd say an album reaching no. 5 in the charts is still pop.
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  21. Vangro

    Vangro Forum Resident

    What, does musical theatre not count or something?

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  22. Uncle Ernie

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    That one has a strong Sunflower-era Beach Boys vibe to it. In fact, I'd call it a direct descendant of Cool, Cool Water (with about 10 cubic centimeters of All I Wanna Do thrown in the mix).

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  23. Terry

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    Tomorrow Never Knows
    I Feel Fine
  24. bRETT

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    I Feel Fine has a precedent-- The drum part is pretty much "What'd I Say".
  25. knob twirler

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    Soho - Hippy Chick is awfully similar musically
    (I keed, I keed)

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