Songs that were released as singles but are rare or scarce on LP's

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    For instance, The Beatles "The Inner Light" released as the B side to lady Madonna in 1968 wasn't on an album till the 1978 Beatles collection blue box set on the rarities LP. Unless you count a 1971 Spanish Beatles Album. The Grateful Dead studio version of "Dark Star" released in 1968 as a single, 1,600 were printed, maybe 500 were sold and wasn't available until the album "What A Long Strange Trip It's Been in 1978. Bob Dylan's live version of "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" released with "I Want You" on a picture sleeve. It wasn't on an album until the Bootleg series.
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    The Beach Boys - "The Little Girl I Once Knew" (1965 B/W "There's No Other Like My Baby, from the Beach Boys Party Album) . After hearing it on the radio, I bought the 45. I think that it's on one (maybe more than one) compilation album, but was a non- album release initially.
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    Sky Pilot
  4. Rick Bartlett

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    Why this never made an original UK album baffles me!
    One of my Beatle favorities! Yet one he totally dismissed.
  5. jimtek

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    One song "If you want to sing out, sing out" by Cat Stevens was in the cult movie "Harold and Maude". Was never released as a single and there was no soundtrack to "Harold and Maude". It wasn't released on an album until "Footsteps in the Darkness" greatest hits vol 2 in 1978!
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  6. The Lone Cadaver

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    The Pretty Things - Rosalyn, Big Boss Man, Don't Bring Me Down, We'll Be Together, I Can Never Say, Sitting All Alone, Get a Buzz, Me Needing You, Midnight to Six Man, Come See Me, LSD, House in the Country, Progress, Defecting Grey, Mr. Evasion, Walking Through My Dreams, Talking About the Good Times, Blue Serge Blues, Cold Stone, Summertime, October 26, Stone Hearted Mama, Circus Mind
    The Who - I Don't Even Know Myself, Let's See Action/When I Was a Boy (at least in the US it was tough to get a copy), I've Been Away, In the City, Join Together, Baby Don't You Do It, The Relay, Wasp Man, The Seeker, Here For More
    Procol Harum - Lime Street Blues, Good Captain Clack, Blue Danube/Adagio, In the Wee Small Hours of Sixpence, Homburg
    Deep Purple - Black Night, Hallelujah, Speed King (piano version)
    The Strawbs - Why, And Wherefore
    Curved Air - What Happens When You Blow Yourself Up, Sarah's Concern, Baby Please Don't Go
    UK - When Will You Realize?
    King Crimson - Groon
    Asia - Ride Easy, Daylight
    And tons more.
  7. keithdylan

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    Those of us in the States had it on an album since the 60s. One benefit to Capitol's butchering of their albums.

    Also, there is now a soundtrack to Harold and Maude.
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    What's baffling about it?

    1 - he dismissed it because he considered it a lazy rewrite of the superior 'This Boy'
    2 - he has said in the case of 'This Boy' that he wrote it specifically to be a B-Side as he liked the similar close harmony ballads that appeared on some Motown B-Sides. I haven't heard him say that he wrote 'Yes It Is' specifically to be a B-Side, but it would make sense that he did since he considered it a lazy rewrite of a previous song that he had written specifically for use as a B-Side.
  9. Rick Bartlett

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    I would have dumped either or both 'It's Only Love' and 'Dizzy Miss Lizzie' on the Help! album for 'Yes It Is'.
    But that's just me.
  10. wildstar

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    ontario, canada
    Well 'It's Only Love' is terrible and they certainly never made a habit of putting crap on their B-Sides (quite the opposite in most cases) and 'Dizzie Miss Lizzie' couldn't be a B-Side since it was a cover, so what would go on the B-Side instead?
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  11. Rick Bartlett

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    Yeah don't know. That is a great point, their singles were almost double-A quality.
    Like Elvis before them, they had great 45's back to back.
    The Beatles, while the had weak tunes, they had some obvious great one's too.
  12. bRETT

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    Rarest Beach Boys single had to be "Child of Winter"-- Impossible to find originally, not on LP or CD until "Ultimate Christmas," 24 years later. Ubiquitous on boots though.
  13. Chemguy

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    Daytime Nighttime Suffering and Girls School were tough to find for awhile, weren’t they?
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  14. TimeWarper

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    The Kinks' first two singles (except for the first B-side: 'I Took My Baby Home') weren't available on any albums (UK or US). The three songs were very common bootleg targets appearing on many pirated records of the 1970s. Two of the tracks finally appeared on the compilation 'File Series' in 1977. It wasn't until 1984, that all three tracks could be found on a legitimate release. The three tracks first appeared on CD in 1998 as bonus tracks for the re-release of their debut album 'Kinks.'

    Nowadays, most releases of that album has those three tracks as bonuses.
  15. Andy Smith

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    A great mournful little number from the Strawbs called 'Forever'. Released around the time of 'Dragonfly'. Hopelessly out of touch with the chart 'scene' (man) at the time, so gawd knows who thought it was a good idea for a single, but has since surfaced on a couple of compilations. Thankfully.
  16. Crispy Rob

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    Neil Young & Graham Nash, War Song
    Bob Dylan, Band of the Hand
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  17. elgreco

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    There's a story to John Mellencamp's fine cover of Under the boardwalk.

    From Wiki:
    John Mellencamp released the track as the B-side of his single "R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.". In Australia, the single effectively became a double-A side when the B-side "Under the Boardwalk" received significant airplay and both tracks were listed together on the singles chart, reaching #18.[4] The track also reached #19 on the Billboard Top Rock Tracks chart.

    But other than the 45 of R.O.C.K. and a promo CD single that song is HTF. I can't even remember if it made it to CD. Maybe on a box set?
  18. Record Rotator

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    Spandau Ballet B-side "Gently", a song that people who don't care for Spandau Ballet might actually like.

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  19. Etienne Hanratty

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    It’s Only Love is a great song and anyone claiming otherwise risks being the wrongest person on the internet.
  20. YardByrd

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    The Yardbirds last single wasn't released for years on a long player. When Aerosmith covered the B-side, "Think About It," you knew they had the original single, which had not done well. Devoted fans...
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  21. Man at C&A

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    Good tune, let down by abysmal lyrics. I like it though.
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  22. Etienne Hanratty

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    I take your point about the lyrics. All I can say is that they resonated with me at a time in my life before my frontal lobes had matured.
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  23. JCM's version of "Under The Boardwalk" was released on the Japanese and Australian versions of his hits set "The Best That I Can Do." An alternate version appeared on "Rough Harvest."
  24. Meddows

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    Oasis - Whatever

    Despite being one of their biggest songs , it didn’t even appear on their rarities album(masterplan),first greatest hits(stop the clocks) or live album.
    Not until 2010 compilation Time Flies....

    DEAN OF ROCK Forum Resident

    Hoover, AL
    Single version of JT’s “Country Road”
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