Songs That Were Top 40 Hits...But Not In The United States

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    I think the charts tell us what people liked at a given time and that's pretty important and great fun.

    It's like the musical equivalent of democracy in politics. We voted in record shops with our hard eared cash and the results were the charts.
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    ^ This. If you're a member of ARSA, you can look at {some} chart action for "River Deep, Mountain High".
    Since we're mentioning Phil Spector, "See My Baby Jive" has the "wall of sound" in volume. What a track. I had to play it at indoor soccer games in 1995, and it wound up on the Memorial Cassette for my ex-players. {I nailed Side A. SMBJ ended eight seconds before side A ran out of tape.} I got it from what looks like a U.K. cassette imported to the U.S.A. It also included the Arrows' original version of "I Love Rock 'N Roll".
    "I Love Onions" was kept in the public cognosci in North America by sporadic spins on the Dr. Demento show.
    This English group were first to release a record! So they had dibs on the name "The Firm". Again, this got airplay, in both its 7-inch and extended 12-inch version{!} on the Dr. Demento Show.
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    "One Step Beyond" by Madness: Per Wikipedia it was #7 in the U. K., #1 in France, #28 in Ireland, #29 in the Netherlands, and #3 in Switzerland, but did not chart in the U. S.

    Addendum: With the exception "Our House" and "It Must Be Love" none of Madness' singles that reached at least #40 somewhere else did not chart in the U. S.
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    Even though the band was from Massachusetts, Roadrunner by the Modern Lovers was a hit in England, but not in the US.

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