Songs you cranked up on the car radio

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by RickH, Oct 8, 2004.

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  1. Joe Koz

    Joe Koz Prodigal Bone Brotherâ„¢ In Memoriam

    Stones - "Jumpin' Jack Flash"
    CCR - "Bad Moon Rising"
    Mountain - "Mississippi Queen"
    Beatles - "Hey Jude" and "Revolution"
    And...many, many more!
  2. topaz525

    topaz525 New Member

    New Jersey
    Beatles - "Helter Skelter"
    John Lennon - "Instant Karma"
    Led Zep - "Heartbreaker"
    Simple Minds - "Promised You A Miracle"
    Nine Inch Nails - "Head Like A Hole"
    To name a few....
    Steve B. aka topaz525
  3. J. R.

    J. R. Forum Resident

    Kansas City, MO
    Jumpin Jack Flash: Stones
    Rocky Mountain Way: Joe Walsh
    Get Over It: Eagles
    The Way it Is: Bruce Hornsby
    Enter Sandman: Metallica
  4. John Lennon: (Just Like) Starting Over - very punchy bass and a nice recording in the first place

    Beatles: Ticket To Ride - Heavy drumming and soaring melody

    Beatles: Come Together - A killer song... period.

    Chicago: 25 Or 6 To 4 - a very energetic song with guitar virtousity by Terry Kath.

    Bread: Down On My Knees /Mother Freedom - these songs just show that Bread can really play hard rock.
  5. Grant

    Grant Senior Member

    United States
    Great pick!

    The first time I ever heard this song was on a high school band-member's car 8-track player blasted to ear-bleed levels. It sounded great!
  6. qwerty

    qwerty A resident of the SH_Forums.

    I grew up outside the range of good (AM in those days) reception. When my parents would go shopping in the big town, I would stay in the car to listen to the car radio because the reception was better there. Whenever the Stones Brown Sugar came on I would turn up the volume to just above the distortion point because I loved the 'heavier' sound it produced and thought it emulated a live sound more. Whenever I hear it now (and turn it up on the car radio) I always anticipate a few chords which particularly distorted and broke up, and am somwhat disappointed that the sound remains 'clean'.
  7. thegage

    thegage Forum Currency Nerd

    Hold On Loosely, by 38 Special. Just something about the stop'n'go quality of the song and the crunching drive of the guitars.

    Good Stuff, by The B52s. The bass line is killer when compressed for FM radio.

    In my youth, just about anything by The Beach Boys.

    John K.
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