Sonny Rollins Way Out West Deluxe Edition

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by dminches, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. btf1980

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    Despite being cut from hi-res digital, it actually sounds pretty good. I just compared it to my 45rpm pressing and the 33 rpm AP pressing, which is the pressing I listen to most of the time.
    I'd rank it below the 33 AP and 45RPM, but it's certainly not bad sounding and I can't imagine anyone having an issue with how it sounds. The main issue here is the kerfuffle with Concord shafting AP. It's a nice package, but I wouldn't pay $80 for it, and thankfully I didn't. Cost me only $20.

    Some photos...

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  2. JHC3

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    Thank you for your thoughts. I am a big fan of Sonny and this record and it is nice to have comments from someone who has actually taken the time to review this fairly. It did garner a 9 after all, from the apparent voice of the (vinyl) god.
  3. James_S888

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    Get the old Original Jazz Classics reissue.
    Turns out it's all analog.
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  4. dominguez

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    Any more news on the SQ? I'm curious because it's down to $44.95 at Amazon.
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  5. RiRiIII

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    Athens, Greece
    Thanks. Ordered.

    Some others have got it for 27 Euro as previously offered by french amazon!
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  6. JHC3

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    The question is: has anyone actually *received* it from French Amazon?
  7. Yes, I have, but unfortunately, the box got dinged in one corner, also causing corner dings on both record covers inside. In addition, one of the albums has a nasty seam split on top, probably happened during the impact which caused the corner ding.

    Since it is out of stock, they could not issue a replacement order, and I didn't want to return it because the vinyl plays fine and the price was reasonable.

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