Sony BDP-S1700 Blu-ray Disc Player $58 today only

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  1. segue

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    • Sony BDP-S1700 Blu-ray Disc Player on sale today only @ B+H Photo $58
    Highly rated, simple Blu-ray player from a highly rated retailer!

    Sony BDP-S1700 Blu-ray Disc Player
    • Full HD 1080p Playback via HDMI
    • Ethernet Network Connectivity
    • Front USB Port
    • Dolby TrueHD & DTS-HD Master Audio
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  2. mdm08033

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    Same price at my local Walmart.
  3. hutlock

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    Cleveland, OH, USA
    Does this one play SACD?
  4. Andrew Furlong

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    Placerville, CA
    No. Also, region A only.
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