Sony UBPX 700 or 800/M2?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Punman, Nov 21, 2022.

  1. Punman

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    My Blu-ray player quit working; it also was used for playing my CDs. I am debating between the Sony 700 and 800/M2 model. My old player did not play SACDs. I want something that plays SACD (even though at the moment only have one SACD). I know both of these can handle SACD. I don't have any 4K Blu-ray disks at the moment but figure I might as well get that capability while I am at it.

    My speaker system is set up for 5.1 and the TV 4k.

    I see little difference between the 700 and 800/M2. With a Black Friday sale coming up, both are on sale but the 700 is cheaper by $70 Canadian (about $52 U.S.). I can afford to pay the little extra but do not really understand what I am benefitting by the 800 model.
  2. Audiowannabee

    Audiowannabee Forum Resident

    DVDA i believe
  3. shug4476

    shug4476 Nullius In Verba

    DVD-A and, I think, slightly better construction quality for the 800.
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  4. Definitely the UBP-X800M2 but I would be surprised if you see a Black Friday deal on it.

    UBP-X700 Specifications | Sony USA

    UBP-X800M2 Specifications | Sony USA

    Notice the weight difference for starters regarding build quality. I own the previous UBP-X800 but neither of the players currently available, the 800 has been rock solid. The UBP-X800M2 is a universal player, the UBP-X700 is not.
  5. Punman

    Punman Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Is there much music out there on DVD Audio or is it scarcer than SACD?
  6. cdash99

    cdash99 Senior Member

    Plenty on the used market.

    Also note that both players require HDMI cables to play the hi res layers.
  7. Punman

    Punman Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Appreciating the feedback so far. I am ordering the UBP-X800M2.
  8. Bruce_Wayne

    Bruce_Wayne Well-Known Member

    Kingston, NY
    I’m thinking about picking up the UPB-X800M2 as well. Anyone using these with an I2S converter for SACD playback through an external dac? Seems like a great budget choice if it’s capable. I have a Topping E50 dac on the way and am looking for a cd player to pair with it but SACD capability would be a plus just to mess around with.
  9. ca1ore

    ca1ore Forum Resident

    Stamford, CT, USA
    Plus the 800 is a full width component …. the 700 is not. I used the original 800 for many years before it finally became unresponsive. Bought the 800M2 to replace it.
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  10. greasepaint

    greasepaint Forum Resident

    Lexington KY
    Have an 800 M2 and have really enjoyed it. Would like to have a back up in my hip pocket due to concerns about continued availability. Run it with a Yamaha AVR and it does play SACDs as well as DVD-As. It can be a bit "skittish" in that it occasionally needs to be reset by unplugging and powering back up. Fingers crossed that it doesn't turn into a brick, but it has been fairly reliable for a couple of years save for the above concern.
  11. ToLearn

    ToLearn New Member

    I am running the digital output of my Sony X800 M2 to a DACMagic DAC. DAC goes to my NAD 326BEE input via RCA cables.

    So if I were to insert an SACD disc, no SACD/Hi Res this way? I would need an ampilifer with an HDMI input?
  12. cdash99

    cdash99 Senior Member

    Correct, as you can’t run DSD through an optical cable.
  13. Cherrycherry

    Cherrycherry Forum Resident

    I ran a Sony UBP-x700 HDMI output to an HDMI add-embedded.
    Which output both DoP and I2S.
    I tried the I2S to external DAC, but it was a bit noisy.
    Some units are better than others.
    I must not have gotten a good unit for I2S.
    But, I am using DoP output and that has been great.

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