Sovereign Director Pre Amplifier (Europe only)

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    Sovereign Director Pre Amplifier | eBay

    For sale: A 2015 Sovereign Director Pre Amp, in as new condition.

    I am selling this absolutely awesome pre amplifier because I am downgrading.

    Shipping, handling and insurance is NOT included in the asking price and will be added when a means of transport is agreed upon.
    I will only ship to a EU country, using a courier service like DHL or FEDEX. Pick-up is preferred though.

    From the Sovereign website:

    Trend-setting and leading the SOVEREIGN DIRECTOR.
    The ultimate High End Preamplifier for the serious stereo lover and analog music reproduction enthusiast. An absolute precision instrument that combines luxury, elegance, tradition and state-of-the-art technology to enthrall you: a connoisseur of music.
    Designed and created to experience emotional events in the purest fashion.
    It will touch you, impress you and fascinate you again and again through the music you love most. Experience your music the way you always wanted to: totally natural.

    The luxurious workmanship and the elegant and timeless design speak for themselves. This High End Preamplifier is manufactured by traditional handicraft, and comes equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows you to connect up to eight devices. That includes two recording devices and a connection for an analog record player. Since you are an analog fan, youll be especially fascinated by the simple adaptability of these pick-up systems.
    In this way every pick-up system can be operated optimally with this grand preamplifier.
    Enjoy these unique experiences you can now listen to every day with the SOVEREIGN DIRECTOR.

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