Speaker Shopping Using YouTube....Legit?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by jtw, May 14, 2022 at 7:24 PM.

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    There have been a few recent threads in which people have been suggesting that listening to speaker demos on Youtube could be a legitimate way to shop for speakers. What say you?

    (Me? I don't see how the videos can be an accurate representation, but I think very few would not be satisfied buying speakers that way, as they would have already convinced themselves that they like the speaker based on the video, and believing the legitimacy of the method.)
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    Youtube can be a resource for some ideas and reviews. I wouldn't judge sound by listening to an audio/video file. Components can be home auditioned fairly easy. Large speakers need to be auditioned in a store. Any speakers need to be auditioned live.
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    Sure, it might be fine to get reviews. But really, a live audition is the only real way to pick out a speaker.
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    Of course you can't go by auditions. All you are hearing is how their speakers sound on your speakers. Another problem is people have a tendency not to be objective about things they've spent hard earned cash for. It happens but it's rare to hear someone say "I just spent $XXXX on these speakers and they suck" or the speaker company sent them for review and the reviewer feels emboldened to say good things about them. There are also so many variables with equipment and rooms. What sounds bad in their room with their equipment might sound like gold with a few changes. One reviewer I listen to just bought another house. He did a video revising some of his recent reviews become the speakers sounded totally different in his new den.

    All that said you can get general impressions from YouTube reviews. Things like forward/warm etc. can give you a general idea about the speakers nature and youtube can point you in the right direction. I waych them from time to time because I find them entertaining.
  6. Tone?

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    No never.
    But you can get some ideas and ballparks for a speakers characteristic if recorded well.

    see how a response is done in a kind manner ?
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    Sugar coating is not kind. The ultimate demo is in your own room with your own electronics.
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    Plus you never understood my thread and instead made something up in your head.
    Not saying that in a snarky manner either.

    If I was deciding on a set of speakers from YouTube vids I would have not asked anyone if they have heard the speakers.
    The whole point was. “ hey guys I heard some YouTube vids of these speakers , has anyone heard these speakers and can testify to the sound?”

    that’s it.

    nothing less , nothing more.

    I spent over 1 year. Yes on year auditioning speakers at stores before settling on mine.
    Not to mention a speaker will sound different the way the store owner has them set up and the room.
    But the characteristics will be there no matter what.

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