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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by SoundLover34, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. SoundLover34

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    Hi all,

    I'm in the middle of my upgrade journey. Started with the turntable. Jumping from a pro ject essential ii to a clearaudio concept. Then from a pro ject phono mm to the arcam rphono. Now I'm onto the speakers.

    I have narrowed down my choices to the following

    Wharfedale Evo 4.2

    Dali Oberon 5

    Monitor Audio Silver 100

    Dali opticon 2

    Monitor Audio Radius 270.

    Does anyone have any experience with any of these speakers? I'll be coming from the Dali Zensor 1, and while I enjoyed them when I first got them a few years ago. I find them very fatiguing now. I'm looking for detail but also a full sounding speaker thats enjoyable to listen to maybe leaning towards a warm sound with a good soundstage and imaging.

    I am able to audition all of these speakers except the monitor audio ones as I have to travel to northern Ireland and with the current health crisis I can't leave my country. So any experience oj the monitor audio speakers will be very helpful.

    I believe the opticon 2s can be a little bright and at the minute the amp I have can be a little bright so these may not be for me. Time will tell after I hear them.
  2. vinylontubes

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    Katy, TX
    Do yourself a favor and just forget about these until you've gone ahead with the other auditions. Buy the speakers you fall in love with. Buy them even if they don't match well with your current amp. Just get the model number of the amp that was used during the auditions. You're in the middle of your upgrade journey. The amp can be you waiting at you final destination.
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  3. Helom

    Helom I'll take the monkey coffins

    I doubt the MAs can compete with the Evos. That ceramic tweeter they employ can't match even the low-tier AMTs I've heard.
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  4. SoundLover34

    SoundLover34 Active Member Thread Starter

    The Evos are my number one choice. But while looking around other speakers in my price range drew me in.
  5. tIANcI

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    It’s your money, it’s your ears. As said earlier, best to audition them yourself. Home demo is best.
  6. SoundLover34

    SoundLover34 Active Member Thread Starter

    I'll definitely be auditioning them. Well all except the monitor audios. If any of the other ones tick the boxes I'll jump on them. I'll be able to get a home demo on the Wharfdale and dali's. Just not at the same time, but I'll be able to audition them in the shop back to back.
  7. luiscardoso88

    luiscardoso88 Active Member

    I seriously doubt the Evo 4.2 stand a chance versus the Silver 100. I have a pair of Quad z1 (which should be a cut above the Wharfedales, using a true ribbon instead of an AMT tweeter) and I prefer my friend’s Monitor Audio Silver 2 (predecessor of the 100 with the same driver design) most of the time.

    They sound fuller, more natural and much more powerful than my Quads, using the same amplifiers, stands and in the same room.

    I’m thinking about selling my speakers and buying a pair of Silver 100.

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