SPIRIT - It Shall Be : The Ode & Epic Recordings 1968-1972

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    ^ That's what I've been wondering. I also just checked the link above and can't find any evidence of Clear on the AF site. Did a search and nothing turned up. :confused:

    Edit: Found it on another thread - SACD | Audio Fidelity

    Weird that it doesn't come up in a search.
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    Don't sell the Mofi silver, it may be a huge mistake. Or for those that lack the MOFI grab one , it is a real nice sounding CD.
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    It's right there, between the other two.

    Spirit :: Clear
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    New York, NY
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    Sweet. I'm just seeing this thread and wasn't aware of this box. I'm a customer.
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    The AF Clear date is still a mystery.
    I'm really interested in this one, in light of the 2015 Procol Harum releases. The Shine On Brightly box was excellent.
    Just waiting for a report on SQ from someone ......... :)
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    Wow, that sucks

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    Where do you get this information from? There has been nothing confirmed as far as I can tell.
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    That's a shame - I would have liked to have had all four (or at least three) AF titles!
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    Just believe what I posted, and please... don't ask where I got my information.
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    Modest packaging, the cd's come in carboard sleeves and the booklet should have been bigger. Anyway, I think the sound is really good, quite similar to the Anesini 90's re-releases, but in this case, we get the original mix of the second album (and the remixed songs as bonus tracks). I didn't a/b them, though.
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    OK, I believe you. Don't care about where you got the info, but I'd like to know why if possible.

    AFCBRINGWOOD Forum Resident

    Er, sorry, didn't realise you were so important round here. It's normal to question things when so little information is provided, don't you think?
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  15. This set, which does sound great, is not quite "complete". Yes, the neglected longer version of Ice has been discussed here already, however, the Feedback CD also contained a bonus song by that line-up of the band, called New York City. So that's 2 tracks shy of "complete." The mono mix of the 1st LP is a great inclusion. The packaging and booklet are inferior. The photos recycle the Time Circle pix and more comprehensive liner notes would have been appreciated A band of this stature should have been given a book's worth of liner notes. And yes, Feedback has always been a very underrated LP. Listen again!
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    Who remastered this new set please ?
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    Don’t forget single mixes are not included either
  18. Rne

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    Ben Wiseman.
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  19. Those too, aoxomoxa! The set is also haphazardly assembled. The tracks amount to little more than a re-shuffling of the previously released CDs and their bonus tracks. Now the bonus tracks are spread out all over the set. The inner sleeves also take a chronological hit due to the sequencing. All of these second time around sets have been taking a beating. Ever listen to the new Time Circle? Play the last CD....the train wreck will surprise any Spirit devotee. BTW: I saw Spirit at the Fillmore East in 1969. The Bonzo Dog Band/The Kinks/Spirit. In later years I have discussed this gig with Ed Cassidy, Randy California and Neil Innes of the Bonzos. Those are my credentials. These second rate reissues should consult me first.
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    Why? Aren't the tracks the same?

    BTW I saw them several times in 1969 & 1970. They never got the recognition they deserved. I was hoping this box would help but it probably won't.
  21. The second CD on the "new" Time Circle has 4 unlisted "bonus tracks": Soldier, Groundhog (repeated on the same disc), She Smiles and Space Child. Now, if Groundhog was NOT repeated and Life Has Just Begun was substituted, then all of Sardonicus would be represented here. Instead it's one track short of Sardonicus, one track repeated on the same disc (!) and none of the 4 tracks listed in print. So disc two is closer to the train wreck I wrote of, certainly not bonus tracks, at all for the listener!! Hello out there? I was there when. I am more than willing to offer my consultation services.....
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  22. Do I still need the individual Epic releases for the bonus tracks if I have this box on order?
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    Check for yourself on Discogs : Spirit (8)

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    Wow. As you said, this band deserves better.

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