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    Thanks for this lead! Have never been to this site before but I've been on an ambient kick of late so it is a welcome find.

    I like physical media and was disappointed in the lack of Steve Roach CDs or vinyl. However, I explored some other artists within the sale bins as the summer discount stacks on top of those great prices. 3 CDs out the door for $24 & change...
    • Erik Wøllo - Images of Light (remastered edition): An artist I am not familiar with but he seems to have quite the pedigree.
    • Markus Reuter - Trepanation: I am familiar with Reuter through Centrozoon, some of his collaborations (including Stick Men) as well as already having Todmorden 513.
    • Jeff Greinke - Winter Light: The cover and title made this one intriguing and further research revealed his fascination for all things atmospheric in a literal sense. Musically there is a lot of atmosphere going on as well which is right up my alley.
    I see a lot of areas to explore with this label because I have been listening to a lot of this genre of late. In fact, my relatively new FiiO player is currently set up with only one chip that I have loaded with this type of music. The above CD purchases also came with free downloads of the albums so I was thrilled to simply drag the FLAC files over to my chip and have instant confirmation that I picked out some pretty cool albums.
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    Seems that another 25% event is upon us at Spotted Peccary:

    The Spotted Peccary December Holiday Sale is on...

    Use discount code “holiday25” to get 25% off your entire order at the Spotted Peccary Bandcamp shop.

    New releases, classic releases, t-shirts, vinyl, CDs, or downloads...the discount code works on all of it!
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