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  1. rich100

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    Middle of England
    Any recommendations? Doesn't have to be ultra realistic but I don't like the Bond movies as they are just verging on bad sci fi.

    Some of the ones I like so far (seems mostly LeCarre so far)

    The Game (British cold war series)
    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (both film and TV series)
    Smileys People (TV) (soon to be a movie???)
    The Spy Who Came In From The Cold
    Our Man In Havana
    Spooks (not quite as bad a s Bond but very unrealistic)
    The Tailor Of Panama
    The Constant Gardener
    A Most Wanted Man
    A Perfect Spy (TV)
    Spy Game
    North By Northwest
    Ipcress File
    39 Steps
    Lives Of Others
    Bridge Of Spies
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  2. Geithals

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    Farewell 2009

    Breach 2007
  3. inperson

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    I really enjoyed my DVD set of Secret Agent Man with Patrick McGoohan. I thought the 30 minute episodes were more enjoyable.

    I'm not sure that Day of the Jackal (1973) is a spy film but it is excellent.
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  4. inperson

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    Three Days of the Condor (1975)

    The Lady Vanishes (1938)

    Night Train to Munich (1940)

    Torn Curtain (1966)

    Saboteur (1942)

    Topaz (1969)
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  5. inperson

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  6. Geithals

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    TV mini series (180 mins) a BBC + TVP adaptation of a Alan Furst book.
    Spies of Warsaw (2013)
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  7. Borgia

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    The Spy Who Came in From the Cold is my all-time favorite in the genre. Another couple of good ones are Three Days of the Condor, and Marathon Man.
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  8. jtiner

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    I enjoyed the TV series Callan. Some of the early VT was wiped, so there are some missing episodes. I thought it was realistic; it's a bit slower and people/story oriented.
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  10. Khaki F

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    Kenosha, WI. USA
    Personally, I like "The Little Drummer Girl" an awful lot, but I'm in the minority.

    Something more recent, that I and many others consider a brilliant piece of work, is "Syriana". And if you don't mind just kicking back for a great ride, "Haywire" is awfully good, too. So is "Three Days of the Condor".
  11. Brenald79

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    I thought Hunted on BBC from 2012 was pretty good.
  12. Kassonica

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    Danger Man

    The Professionals
  13. ohnothimagen

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    There was a fine Canadian series from about ten years ago called Intelligence, about a Vancouver pot dealer/club owner who gets inadvertently caught up in all sorts of CSIS (Canada's CIA)/CIA bad craziness...quite possibly one of the finest television series to come out of the Great White North. The show's creator, Chris Haddock, went on to do another "spy VS spy" series called The Romeo Section but it was nowhere near as good.

    Intelligence (Canadian TV series) - Wikipedia
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  14. agentalbert

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    San Antonio, TX
    Syriana (2005)
    The Good Shepherd (2006)
    Black Book (2006)
    Winter In Wartime (2011)
    The Exception (2017)
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  15. Luvtemps

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    Mission Impossible[TV Series]..Secret Agent[Killer Theme Song].
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  16. jkauff

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    Akron, OH
    I Spy - 1960s TV Series

    Shot in various places around the world, on film and in color, with many excellent stories. Great mix of intelligent humor and suspense, starring Robert Culp and Bill Cosby (long before he became a skeezy old man).

    Once available as 3 box sets on DVD, now OOP.
  17. jtiner

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    Agreed re: Mission Impossible. It ranks very highly in my book. It's hard to believe Desilu went from a run down studio to full blown production on Mission Impossible and Star Trek at the same time.
  18. Malina

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    Great movie. I just stumbled across this documentary that you might like. It's on Netflix streaming and elsewhere.

    Karl Marx City (2017)

    Twenty-five years after the collapse of the German Democratic Republic (GDR), filmmaker Petra Epperlein returns to the proletarian Oz of her childhood to find the truth about her late father's suicide and his rumored Stasi past. Had he been an informant for the secret police? Was her childhood an elaborate fiction? As she looks for answers in the Stasi's extensive archives, she pulls back the curtain of her own nostalgia and enters the parallel world of the security state, seeing her former life through the lens of the oppressor. Reconstructing everyday GDR life through declassified Stasi surveillance footage, the past plays like dystopian science fiction, providing a chilling backdrop to interrogate the apparatus of control and the meaning of truth in a society where every action and thought was suspect.

    Karl Marx City
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  19. Doug_B

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    New Jersey
    Great show! The first episode was amazing. They introduce a wide array of characters and storylines all at once. Got the adrenaline pumping for sure (and my head spinning - in a good way). Unfortunately, it didn't last very long (2 seasons?).

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  20. Blimpboy

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    Walton, KY
    Wish Me Luck - (1988) Women undercover agents during WW II.
  21. ohnothimagen

    ohnothimagen I don't suffer fools or trolls gladly...

    Yeah, Intelligence was cancelled after two seasons- supposedly due to pressure the Canadian government put on the CBC because of the way the show portrayed the various intelligence agencies as incompetent idiots for the most part:laugh:
  22. rich100

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    Middle of England
    Some great suggestions here, thank you!

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