Stabilizing turntable in a camper?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by GBailey9099, Oct 8, 2019.

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    Hi all.

    Recently bought a fifth wheel camper which I’m living out of. Only when I set up my equipment did I realize I won’t have the best stability in here. I have a Debut Carbon and I can see the anti skating weight constantly shaking around just a little bit. I have further plans to assist stabilizing my camper, but I’m pretty worried about my setup not working in here.

    Am I wrong in thinking I shouldn’t spin any records with this weight shaking like it is?

    Appreciate any help. Thanks.
  2. Mmmark

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    Putting a turntable in a camper is like drinking an 18 year old single malt with a can of of coke. It's just an ostentatious waste.
    Stability is an issue, levelness is an issue, bumping is bad for the suspension, and the acoustics are going to be totally crap anyway. Just get a small speaker you can plug into your phone and call it good.
  3. rfs

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    Get a Walkman Pro off of eBay and start playing cassettes. I have a WM-D6 but the D6C is better.
  4. TarnishedEars

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    You can do some things to stabilize a 5th wheel (a bit) such as cranking-down the rear supports so that most of the weight isn't sitting on the trailer's wheels and suspension.
  5. Vinny123

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    If the camper is parked you should be able to isolate and stabilize a turntable. Why not?
  6. harby

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    A camper is a mini-RV that sits in the bed of a pickup truck. A fifth-wheel, though, is a trailer. They usually have jacks in the corners to lift it up a bit, but you're still walking and moving around in a vehicle.

    You need not stabilization, but isolation. One where the vibration from moving around and the tipping of the whole vehicle is removed. Pretty much the only method is elastic hanging from the ceiling with bungees or surgical tubing. Made you a diagram:


    You have a minimum length of three feet to get the pendulum rate to 0.5Hz, where it takes one second to swing one side to the other. The two top mounts are close so that sideways, the turntable will stay level as the vehicle rocks instead of translating, but still give you a preferred orientation (rotation will have it's own slow period, also).

    The larger challenge is to get the up-down translation to under 1Hz - pull the turntable platform down, and it needs to bounce slowly, slower than footstep vibrations. You have two factors that affect this, the spring constant of the suspension (you need thin, easily stretchable cord), and the mass. Add more mass, such as a sheet of granite, until the bounce slows.

    This is unsuitable for driving around, though, as you can imagine. I would suggest hooks on the bottom of the platform, where you can pull it down and attach the platform with short chains to a tabletop or even the floor, or simply detach and store before driving.
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  7. Balthazar

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    Best thread on this whole website.
  8. inperson

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    Just get some long RCA cables and set it on the ground outside. The Earth weighs enough to be stable, unless you live in California or Japan.
  9. GBailey9099

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    I’ll look into isolation. I’m hoping that’s a realistic solution before I go wasting money on it.
    I don’t see how acoustics would be **** through headphones. I also don’t see how leveling is an issue. I own a device that shows if you’re level.

    I’ll also look into taking more weight off the wheels. That will be a good idea if it’s feasible and not going to hurt the trailer. I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to have weight on all tires.

    Setting the table up outside also might work. I’ll have to build a little shelter around it so it can stay out there
  10. nola27

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    I like
    I agree with this. I did this in a home I had years ago because my floor wasn't sturdy and tt would skip any time I walked past it. when I suspended it from the ceiling all was good. I could jump up and down with no skipping at all.
  11. Dmac43

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    You need some sort of Gimbal system similar to those used in the camera industry and on drones... dunno where you would find one that would handle that weight capacity but im sure that for a price, they are available...
  12. olson

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    What type of jack system does your trailer have?

    I assume that the problem is that the trailer still moves with your jacks down?

    They sell many different types of stabilization for this situation.
  13. Bingo Bongo

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    Just don't play records while driving.....:D
  14. amgradmd

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    I'd look at a platform with isolation. I think the Symposium ISO Segue would work well and not too pricey. I have one in my system and it's great! I would maybe unload the table from the platform during travel, though.

    Segue Platform
  15. McLover

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    Won't work unless balanced lines are involved, and the preamp is near the turntable. Without badly affecting sound.
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  16. Kyhl

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    Isolation seems like the way to go. Maybe something like an inner tube sandbox type of contraption.
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  17. GBailey9099

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    I’ve looked at those strongarms and they seem to be pretty legit. I’m going to buy a kingpin jack that will go underneath my hitch, hopefully I can find one today. If TT is in front living room so I’m hoping this will be the greater part of a solution. I’m also looking at the spacing wheel chocks they make, ive heard they’re good.

    Thank you.
  18. GBailey9099

    GBailey9099 Active Member Thread Starter

    I’ll check this one out. Looks like a few cheaper options out there. I just know I need one to work, so I’d hate to cheap out only to need a better one. Thank you for your feedback I’ll look into it.
  19. ssmith3046

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    I admire your dedication to records but I'd leave the turntable at home and use a different format. Good luck though.
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  20. vwestlife

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    Here's how to do it:

  21. GBailey9099

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  22. gguy

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    Isolation platforms will help with acoustic vibrations, but not with the footfalls/rocking motion of a camper. You will need to stabilize the camper to even have a chance to make it work. The suspension idea, or the inner tube platform will cover the rest.
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  23. profholt82

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    While I'm skeptical about the success of this project, I love where your head's at and hope that it works out. Good luck!
  24. profholt82

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    There were some cars in the 50s and 60s that included a turntable as an option. Not sure how successful the isolation was, but it was done by a few different companies.
  25. vwestlife

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    Those Highway Hi-Fi players actually worked quite well in normal driving. They just got a bad reputation because people insisted on driving over speed bumps and railroad tracks at high speed while playing it, which of course would make it skip (just like early car CD players did, too).
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