Star Trek Voyager, Great Escape, Patton soundtracks... (Ebay sales)

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    The Great Escape - The Deluxe Edition, Elmer Bernstein (2004 Varese CLub CD)

    The Great Escape Soundtrack, Deluxe Edition, Elmer Bernstein (Varese CD) OOP | eBay

    Sherlock Holmes in New York / The Pick-Up Artist, , Richard Rodney Bennett / George Delerue (2006 CD, Intrada Special Collection)

    Sherlock Holmes in New York / The Pick-Up Artist Soundtrack (2006 CD, Intrada) | eBay

    Star Trek Voyager, Jay Chattaway / Jerry Goldsmith (1995 CD, GNP Crescendo)

    Star Trek Voyager Soundtrack, Chattaway / Goldsmith (1995 CD, GNP Crescendo) | eBay

    Patton / The Flight of the Phoenix, Jerry Goldsmith / Frank DeVol (1999 CD, Film Score Monthly)

    Patton / The Flight of the Phoenix Soundtrack, Goldsmith / DeVol (1999 CD, FSM) | eBay

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