Star Trek's D. C. Fontana, R.I.P.*

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    Probably the most important individual in the Star Trek story next to Gene Coon. Although Roddenberry created it, Coon and Fontana built it and made it human. As many Star Trek movies as have been made, it's a total missed opportunity that none of them were scripted by D.C. Fontana.

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    R.I.P. Dorothy
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    That’s sad to hear about her passing.

    May she rest in peace.
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    Eighty years old. Not a bad run but of course RIP.
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    It's hard to imagine there would be the Star Trek franchise without DC Fontana.

    She was a writer both Roddenberry and the cast could trust. DC created characters that lived and breathed. Beyond writing and editing for both the original and animated series, she was an early guiding voice and story editor for Next Generation.

    Dorothy always had time for the fans. She became a sounding board and clearing house for Trekkies during the years in the wilderness, the ten years between the cancellation of the original series and Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

    DC Fontana was the heart of Star Trek.

    You lived long and prospered, Dorothy. RIP
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    R.I.P....I was a fan.
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    RIP, a real pioneer.
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    Very important writer for Star Trek. I love the episodes that she wrote. R.I.P.
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    I enjoyed her work.
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  12. RIP. Thank you so much for all you did for the ST Universe.
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    An essential player in the cultural empire that became Star Trek.

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    That 1975 Star Trek Convention in NYC was great.
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    Without Dorothy at the helm, behind the scenes, there would have never been a successful Star Trek universe.
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    Very sorry to hear this. I met Dorothy through my old pal David Gerrold on the set of Star Trek: The Next Generation in the 1980s, and she was a sharp, cheerful lady with an amazing wit and a great sense of humor. I don't have to tell you she was also a superb writer: her work speaks for herself. She appeared at many SF conventions over the years and had many insightful stories about working in the industry (particularly her significant work on Star Trek, but she did a lot more than that). She will be very much missed.


    D.C. Fontana, 1939-2019
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    RIP. She added so much to the lore of Star Trek. For example, how the ostensibly perfect philosophy of Vulcans has a nasty undercurrent of conformity.

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    May she rests in peace. I enjoyed despite being campy her scripts for Logan's Run TV series.
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    I’m sorry to hear this sad news about a very talented writer. Ms. Fontana wrote my favorite episode of the series: The Enterprise Incident.

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    Couldn't do the Logan's Run TV series. It was pure awful!
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    I was there.
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    I love these series, I know it's campy,but some episodes were nicely scripted and the character of Rem played by Donald Moffat was great, he added much fun to the series.
    A guilty pleasure I know but I like it. The Theatrical movie wasn't much better,it was campy too, looks very dated and there's a point in the middle of the movie where it gets boring, the end is nice 'though. It's surprising Logan's Run was made only one year earlier than Star Wars.

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