Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker*

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    Writers always want to be the one to kill the heroes. Luke should have been a bigger aspect of the story in the finale. Heck, no one said he had to be a virgin and Rey could have been his kid.

    Or instead of Kylo, Luke saves Rey from the dead and then dies.

    I like The Last Jedi the best of the three because it at least had Luke and has my favorite finale. So I vote for going back to the second movie and refitting it so Leia is the one who blows up the ship, Luke still takes out the attackers at the base and then Rey defeats Kylo in a final battle. The end. No third movie.
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    Yes, I'm with you of my biggest complaints about the sequels was how un-sinister any of the First Order/Hux/Snoke, etc. were.

    Either incompetent buffoons played for laughs:

    Hux - when Poe did the 'your mama' joke any potential of seeing actual sinister-bad-guys instantly jumped-the-shark for me...sigh. Not feeling it...

    Or 'bad guys' who are.....not convincingly evil nor threatening:

    Snoke - ahhhh, yea....his name sounds like one of the characters from "The Banana Splits" and he is about as scary as one. No real utility in the character either...
    Kyle Ren - jumped-the-shark very early in the series for me when he threw a hissy-fit and smashed up the console, etc. Reminded me of a emo-teenager who threw a tantrum when his mom said she wouldn't drive him to the mall for the afternoon. Sigh...never got any better from there. A Disney Prince does not make for a scary villain.

    The lack of truly malevolent characters was indeed a big bummer...the return of Palpy was....just goofy IMO and doesn't count o_O
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