Star Wars: Episode VII

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  1. proudy

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    Eh... It's a "spiritual" reboot. The old characters are there to link to the old trilogy and to get nostalgia bux. It's very, very likely just gonna follow the arc of the first trilogy again for a new generation though.
  2. Sondek

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    Definition of "Reboot" - "to reboot means to discard all continuity in an established series in order to recreate its characters, timeline and backstory from the beginning."

    It's not reboot whichever way you slice it.
  3. Wounded Land

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    I agree with this. I take Abrams at his word that he had to show an entirely new generation of Star Wars fans just what the big deal was in the first place before the saga could be taken in new directions. I know a number of younger people who saw The Force Awakens having never seen a single other Star Wars film, and they all loved it.

    I agree 100% that where they go in the future is crucial, but from what I've heard Episode VIII is going to taking the franchise to places it has never gone before. I hope that this proves to be true.
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  4. mpayan

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    I just hope it proves to be true and they still maintain a plausible plot, SW feel and characters that matter. Mas Cantina or whatever her name is did nothing to connect with me. Just some new-age-ish jamacan sounding soothsayer that had no endearing or witty qualities such as Yoda has. Yoda had that backward talk/ druken Jedi master/ yet youll find out Im actually a badass quality to him. Hard to remember, but when he told Luke that he was Yoda (done in his Yoda-ish way also) we werent in on the surprise no more than Luke was. There was a sense of awe about that moment.

    Its like when a mother tells a child a story at bedtime. We all know the stories. The Three Bears (or whatever story your mom told you in your country) are part of our being, yet to the child it is a moment of wonderment.

    Thats the quality this next SW better have in spots. That sense that _____ , though a new character, has somehow been with us all our lives. They need that element in at least a couple of characters. Thats why BB-8 was the star of the show. The little ball droid has that cutesy quality and sense of wonder, yet doesnt seemed forced on us. Butthole Eyes wasnt forced maybe but the whole character seems to not really matter. Place some real tragedy in her path. Something. Make her matter. Give and other characters some depth that our inner child can grab on too.
  5. Tristero

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    This is a good point. With a movie like this, I want to be taken to new alien worlds. Jakku could have just as easily been Tatooine, just endless sand dunes. If they had to make it another desert planet, would it have killed them to add some exotic fauna or maybe some cool rock formations? To me this was emblematic of the lack of imagination here.
    To me, BB-8 was just R2-D2 mach II without a distinctive personality of its own.

    I certainly expected there to be knowing references to the original, but I don't really buy the J.J. line that it had to replicate the first movie in order to draw in new fans. Though I didn't care for the prequels at all, they succeeded in drawing in younger fans without being so derivative. To me, this just suggested that they were running on creative fumes, which doesn't make me optimistic about the future of the franchise. Maybe it was too much for me to expect that this movie might rekindle some of the old magic that I felt as a kid. I dunno, maybe these movies weren't that great to begin with and it's just something I've outgrown, but I really did want to believe again.
  6. Bryan

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    When the very first teaser came out in late 2014 and we got our first glimpse at Jakku, I just assumed it was Tattooine. It wasn't until much later that I realized it was supposed to be a totally different planet. As much I like TFA, I agree that having Jakku be a virtual clone of Tattooine seems a bit pointless.
  7. I thought the score was fantastic! John Williams' scores for the prequels were the unmemorable ones.
  8. It did discard all the mythology built up over 3o+ years in the Star Wars "Expanded Universe," though. No big deal as most of it that I was passingly familiar with was pretty lame. I think the only things Lucas took from it were the name "Coruscant" for the seat of the Republic and also a background appearance of a crashed spaceship-cum-tavern in an EP. I scene on Tatooine. So, the Expanded Universe was completely divorced from the films anyway.
  9. Sondek

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    Apart from Duel Of The Fates....

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  10. marblesmike

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    The Duel of the Fates is the best part of the PT soundtracks.
  11. Somewhat Damaged

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