Star Wars: Episode VIII (The Last Jedi) - SPOILERS POSSIBLE*

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by MLutthans, Nov 10, 2015.

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    So these leaked set photos reveal a new red-haired character, as well as confirming that Chewbacca will be in the movie, as well an X-wing, and some of the action will take place on a planet with a green background. ;)

  6. Cool, Rick Astley confirmed for Episode VIII!
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    So, the possible title is
    Fall of the Resistance.
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    Pretty sure most people agree that is NOT the title. The source is a bit weak, as Celebration London is still two months away. How could it have come from Celebration?

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    I hope that isn't it. Although, anything is better than "Attack Of The Clones"
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    sort of gives away a lot if that is the title,but I'm sure they are following the template of Empire and making this one a sort of a downer.
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    As Lucas says, it just follows drama. Act I, introduce the characters. Act 2, put them in a situation they could never get out of. Act 3, they get out of it.

    Although I believe Star Wars was the first to create a Trilogy that began and finished one long story.
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    OK. I just finished watching Episode 7, again, and I can say that from the clues dropped, I can now absolutely state without reservation how episode 8 will begin.

    Remember, episode 7 ended with Rey standing on a mountaintop holding Luke's lightsaber out to him while he stood facing her and looking at her with resignation.

    So, episode 8 starts, and the scene fades up to that exact same moment.

    Luke's eyes get wide with excitement and he yells out, "Hey, Jar Jar, looks like we've got company!"

    Then, Jar Jar will emerge from a nearby cave, wearing his Private Expressions(tm) French Maid outfit, with the optional BDSM kit, naturally, and respond, "Who'sa is eet, massa Luke?"
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    I like this because I literally laughed out loud! So funny!!
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    Kinda cliche, isn't it?
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    So does this mean Luke will die in the next film? Or is HE the last Jedi, as mentioned in the title? And if so, wasn't he always the last Jedi? At least since Yoda died? But if the title is referring to girl person Rey then that means curtains for Luke, no? We must assume that Luke and Ghost Puppet Yoda will complete Rey's training at the Temple of the Whills, yes?

    Oh, and....


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    Someone has pointed out that "Jedi" is the same word, whether singular or plural, so we might not just be talking about one.
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    Looking at it from a certain point of view, you are! Yes, this puts me at ease. Very good.
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    They should have gone with "Last Jedi in Paris". Turn this next film into an erotic episode between Luke and Rey.
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    Always glad to help. Disney is also denying that Berry Gordy is producing, so you stop fretting about that, too. :)
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    The title really isn't catchy or doesn't roll off the tongue like all the previous Star Wars movies.
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    There could even be a product tie-in with Land O'Lakes!
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    Now that's hilarious. I guess that's the "story for another time".
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    I was going for "Attack Of The Sith"
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    It isn't the greatest title but I'm excited about it just being revealed....

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