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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by George P, Sep 16, 2022.

  1. George P

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    Can you please be more specific about where the slider is? I can't find it on my PC, using Chrome. I don't see it on the app on my Andoid either.

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  2. Flaming Torch

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    Yes it should be on the right but it is not showing for me today on either the PC windows 10 or the Chromebook. Seems to be Steely Dan and maybe other acts as it is showing on the Little Feat Waiting for Columbus entry. Strange old world.
  3. Musicisthebest

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    The slider used to be there but I can't see it now either (using chrome).
  4. c-eling

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    Yeah it unfortunately came out of beta recently. Not a fan either
    You can adjust year by hitting the arrow if you don't want to scroll
  5. Curiosity

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    Okay people they did move the slider. it now looks like this. Grr.

    Apologies for any wonky typing as my wrists hurt.
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  6. rockclassics

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    I can answer 2 out of 3 for you…..

    Cisco - Cisco Music

    Steely Dans album Aja was released on the Cisco label in 2007.
    Steely Dan - Aja

    SMH is probably an abbreviation for Shake My Head.

    If the reference is for SHM that is a digital optical disc data storage manufacturing process. It is an improved compact disc product with the greatest change being a different polycarbonate material that allows more precise physical representation of stored bits during pressing and less laser scatter during reading. These improvements aim to facilitate playback by producing fewer errors and potentially better sound quality. SHM-CDs are played on a standard CD player.

    All 7 or the Steely Dan albums were released on SHM CDs in Japan.
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  7. c-eling

    c-eling They're made of light,We never would have guessed

  8. Steve Hoffman

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    Hi Everybody. Haven't read this thread, I'm S. Danned out for life.

    However, this post was brought to my attention. Companies like DCC Compact Classics, MoFi, AF, AP, etc. that are based in the United States have NO rights outside our territory, none whatsoever. The stuff shows up in the UK, Japan, Aust., etc. but it is not from official stocks.

    Do you get my drift? Territory is North America only officially.
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  9. Bill Mac

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    I wonder if the 5.1 mixes of Gaucho (SACD and DVD-A), Two Against Nature (DVD-A) and Everything Must Go (DVD-A) will be included on the new SACDs? These 5.1 mixes are done so it would be great if they're included. Norah Jones' Come Away With Me APO SACD has the 5.1 mix from the earlier released Blue Note SACD.

    Norah Jones-Come Away With Me-Hybrid Multichannel SACD|Acoustic Sounds
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  10. sacdfan

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    Hi Steve. Would I be right in believing that these companies can’t officially export their records and cds to any countries that are not U.S. territories?
  11. Sixpence

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  12. Wildgift

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    Agreed but I would be shocked.
  13. MrCJF

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    A lot of AP product has turned up in UK stores - usually independents, rather than Amazon. The Pink Floyd Animals SACD is £55 ($62) at several UK online stores. The consistency of the price makes me think there is an official import channel for the disc.

    My gripe was about the postage from Acoustic Sounds. Buying a $35 SACD has a $57 shipping charge as the main option to the UK (the express option is $267) . Though the same charge applies for up to about 3 items usually, so that would still be $19 per disc. And it attracts local custom and handling charges as well about £30 or $35, for a total of $127 for the one disc.

    (Side note: Burning Shed in the UK will be stocking the new vinyl Bernies, no word on the SACD)
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  14. dwilpower

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    Glasgow Scotland
    Thanks Steve
  15. Bill Mac

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    I just sent Acoustic Sounds and email inquiry about the 5.1 mixes...

    "Hello, I was wondering if the new Steely Dan Gaucho, Two Against Nature and Everything Must Go SACDs will come with 5.1 surround mixes that were previously released on SACD/DVD-A? These SACDs are instant purchases when released! Thank you for your time."
  16. kw21925

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    Same here; easy pass for me. I love how my SHMs sound.
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  17. Myke

    Myke Trying Not To Spook The Horse

    Answer will be no, they are all going to be stereo only, already have product pages for all titles.
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  18. Steve Hoffman

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    You would be right, yes. It is done "unofficially" and at extra expense to the importer.
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  19. Espen R

    Espen R Senior Member

    I have all of these Jpn Steely Dan SACDs (SHM). Aja and Gaucho are sourced from Jpn analog tapes. For Countdown and Pretzel Logic, it’s a secret, nobody knows. Probably some US tapes.

    For sound quality, I think Countdown and Pretzel sounds really good. Not perfect. I doubt AP will betters them. Aja is a flat transfer from jpn dub tapes, I like it for what it is. Gaucho is also sourced from a jpn dub tape, and a bit distant sounding I can hear, not bad, but not so good.

    I hope people understand that these master tapes are not in very good shape today. So it is what it is. We get what we get.
    But it is out of any proportions to pay $150 for vinyl pressed on bad master tapes/copy/pre-eq’d copy tapes. Imo.
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  20. Bill Mac

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    I'm curious as to how you know the actual condition of the Steely Dan master tapes?
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  21. MemoInPR

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  22. Espen R

    Espen R Senior Member

    Because when Roger Nichols transferred these tapes to digital some 40 years ago he did a statement that these masters was stored in bad conditions. And he did the best he could with the digital transfers, not knowing if the tapes would be playable in the future.

    The good thing is that modern technology has imoroved and can save tapes and do some more playbacks before they are unplayable.
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  23. Levitated

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    Thanks for posting that, that was great to watch!
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  24. Mirror Image

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    Exactly. In addition to the SHM-CDs, I also own the MFSL issues of Aja and Gaucho, so I'm good.
  25. Otto Konrad

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    So contractually Chad can’t sell over seas. Why doesn’t he just say that. I think I am missing a subtlety. Oh, because unofficially he does sell over seas. And his subtext is, stop complaining about the additional cost, this shouldn’t be happening at all!
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