Steely Dan touring without Walter Becker?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Chemically altered, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Chemically altered

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    In your mind
    I've recently seen adds for Steely Dan live dates in 2018. But without Walter Becker? I know that Donald Fagen always handled the vocals but it's just too soon for me.
  2. ohnothimagen

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    Hell, Fagen's been touring as Steely Dan since last fall. The punters don't seem to mind...Fagen probably figures he'll put more bums in seats under the Steely Dan moniker than by touring as "The Donald Fagen Band" but as I mentioned in one of the other Steely threads I have to wonder how much of a difference there is in ticket sales between a Steely Dan show and a Fagen solo show. They play the same venues and whatnot, though Fagen did play less dates on his solo tours than on yer average Steely Dan roadshow...

    They also keep Becker's spot on the stage empty, with a microphone stand in front of it. A nice touch, especially when you factor in that apparently replacing Becker for the shows never even came into consideration:righton:. Fagen's also been known to bust out songs like "Book Of Liars" in tribute.
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  3. aphexj

    aphexj Sound mind & body

    Wait, that guy singing isn't Dan?
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  4. rjp

    rjp Senior Member

    who's dan?
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  5. aphexj

    aphexj Sound mind & body

    You know, Steely Dan? That's him right? Anyway, where is the beer tent?
  6. Nope. Just some dildo they got to sing the songs.
  7. Synthfreek

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    Austin, TX
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  8. pbuzby

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    In all honesty, from seeing them with Becker I thought the others could have covered his guitar and vocal parts. Maybe not the stage banter, since Becker seemed like more of a talker than Fagen.
  9. BwanaBob

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    That would be like Jethro Tull touring without Martin Barre. Hey, wait a minute........
  10. ohnothimagen

    ohnothimagen I don't suffer fools or trolls gladly...

    Hey man, Steely Dan III from Yokohama was more than just "some dildo":laugh:
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  11. Rosskolnikov

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    Because they don't always see that the earlier thread already exists.
  12. Synthfreek

    Synthfreek Please label the photos you post

    Austin, TX
    People really don't give a quick search before starting threads? Why would anyone think that a thread didn't already exist for a huge band that's been touring for months now on one of the biggest music forums on the internet? Type "steely" into the search field, tick the search only titles box and what do you know...there is a Steely Dan 2018 Tour thread.
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  13. cwd

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    why do we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway?
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  14. StarThrower62

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    I've heard Martin's shows are better. He can still play the songs but Ian can't sing 'em anymore.
  15. GregM

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    I saw SD in the early '00s and Walter may as well not have been there. In fact it would have been better.
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  16. Say It Right

    Say It Right Not for the Hearing Impaired

    Niagara Falls
    Yeah, and did you catch wind of the news that Becker had died too?
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  17. Rosskolnikov

    Rosskolnikov Designated Cloud Yeller

    No, people don't always remember to search or don't end up searching the exact right thing. That's the reality. Likewise, I'd say this thread is slightly more specific in its focus than was the other although perhaps indeed a Gort ought to just merge them.
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  18. Rfreeman

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    Anderson is technically touring as Ian Anderson doing a tribute to 50 years of Jethro Tull, so he is staying on the more appropriate side of the line than Donald - but doing everything possible to mislead fans at the same time.
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  19. Chemguy

    Chemguy Forum Resident

    Donald is entitled to tour as Steely Dan. I’m glad he does.
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  20. Fullbug

    Fullbug Forum Resident

    I thought it was Stevie Dan!
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  21. Duke Fame

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    According to Jerome Aniton, it's Stevie Dan.

    From USAToday -

    "During the touring days of the '70s, the band often came on stage to the introductions of a truck driver named Jerome Aniton, who, at least for a while, thought he'd been hired to drive for a guy named "Stevie Dan." Becker and Fagen included one of Aniton's rambling, inebriated intros on a 1974 live recording of Bodhisattva that appeared as the B-side of the 1980 single Hey Nineteen. "That was probably the single aesthetic decision from the '70s I don't have any regrets about making," Becker says."
  22. audiotom

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    Because there's gas is the car,
    yes there's gas in the car.
  23. DrBeatle

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    Steam powered, too, wasn't it? :shrug::laugh:
  24. Fullbug

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    "I think I bumped Stevie's piano."
  25. jwjeffrey

    jwjeffrey Hard working and Honest!

    Mike Love Touring as The Beach Boys

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