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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Truman Falls, Feb 12, 2019.

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    I could do with some advice.

    I have a Marantz PM6005 amp and a Marantz CD 6005 combi playing to a pair of KEF Q 300s

    Sound wise is just what I need. The problem is sound staging. I don't know if the rooms to blame or the amp is slightly of kilter but the sound stage is pulling slightly to the left in my configuration. As you can see my room isn't the best. I have triangulated the speakers down to a T but problems are still occurring. Is this because of the bay windows which on the left of the room which is slightly amplifying the sound and making it left bias?? I have tried to even this out by having my HIFI and vinyl cabinet on the right but its not working. I know the speakers are not central to the room so should I take a measurement FROM the bay windows and configure the room again.

    I have changed leads and cables and switched speakers and even checked my ears to ensure there isn't any weak links but all is fine. Either the room is pants or my amp is slightly off.

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    I'm sure that you are right about the bay windows reflecting more sound than the right wall.

    You could try heavy drapes on the window, or placing an absorption panel between the left speaker and window.

    You could also try either moving the left speaker back further than the right, or moving the right speaker forward a bit. I realize that visually this might be a little unsettling, but it can work.
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  3. Hipper

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    Were you going to post a picture or plan of your room? That would be helpful.

    It could be other things but it does seem like a room issue. I would suggest, as 33na3rd has, you move one speaker about until you get a better sound - perhaps the left one further away from the bay window. Forget having them in an equilateral triangle although keep them each the same distance from your ears. In other words move it along an arc from your ear.

    I would also agree that an absorption panel on each side could help. As an experiment you could try placing some cushions or pillows close to the outside of each speaker to stop mid and high reflections from going any further towards the wall or bay window just to see what that might do.

    Have you tried using the balance knob on the amp?.
  4. Fruff76

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    It’s probably the room being pants...
  5. Maybe try moving your listening position, I guess to the right, a bit to center the sound stage.
  6. Strat-Mangler

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    No, we can't. Post some pics. If you're that desperate for some help, give us more info, and provide some pics. We need more to go on...
  7. First thing to do is change the left and right speaker cable pairs to right and left (with the amplifier off). Turn the amp on and try again. If the sound pulls to the opposite side, it's your amp. If it still pulls to the same side, suspect the speakers or room.
    Next switch left and right speakers - if the sound imbalance following the speaker switch moves to the other side, it's the speakers.
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  8. Dillydipper

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    At the very least, hang sheers on the inside-plane of the bay window. You still get a minor dampening from hanging a sheer where you might normally hang a full drape (and any residual reflections from the glass itself, are also diffused; but you also get diffused light from the bay window, and it's not all that hard to see through. Compromise at first, to check the WAF (Wife Approval Factor).
    Another cheap trick is mini blinds installed on just the inner sides of the bay window: again, more diffusion of sound, without losing the visibility and light of the center part of the window...and, minis can be closed as tight or opened as you wish.

    If you are a dog owner, do remember that a dog needs to see out to do "his job". With my sheers closed, my golden can still poke a nose out the middle to observe.
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    I deal with a similar situation myself where windows and Venetian metal blinds are on the right side and wooden CD shelves are on the left against dry wall. It's the room I'm certain and not your system. On my right hand side I get extended beyond the speaker imaging in full, but on the left side the extension sounds dwarfed in comparison but still slightly there. The only solution, for my set up, would be thick drapes to create a similarity to the left side. I'm used to this fallibility though and the center still displays in the center. YMMV.
  10. Truman Falls

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    Many thanks for all your advice and my apologise for not putting up a picture.

    I have decided to go down the use of the "balance fader " option to tow the sound to the centre. This leaves me with a bit of a problem im hoping one of you Einsteins can resolve for me

    The Marantz has a Source direct button which I use for My CD and Turntable as it does indeed make a difference in sound for me. The issue is the Balance of the system is also bypassed once the SD is activated leaving me back a square one. Other than taking my left speaker over to the far ends of the room is there a "balance box" of some kind I install post amp through the speaker cables to REBALANCE the issue.

    Its never easy is it

    Many thanks


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