DCC Archive Steve, is this the Beach Boys 'Lost & Found' in another guise?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Mal, Dec 21, 2001.

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    I noticed a new release of the Hite Morgan era Beach Boys recordings come out a year or so ago here in England. I paid little attention to it at the time since I was keen on getting my hands on another copy of Lost & Found (DCC). I actually owned a copy of this about ten years ago but somehow let it go (kicking myself now). Just today I was in a second hand CD shop and saw the CD that came out in 2000 and had a closer look at it. To my surprise you were mentioned in the liner notes and it began to dawn on me that this was possibly the same as the DCC CD. From my memory I would swear that the track listing is the same. Also I've a feeling that the liner notes are the same as the DCC issue (including Dorinda Morgan's reminiscing).

    Intrigued, I bought the CD and am glad I did - sounds great!

    My question is, is this an official DCC clone, an unofficial one or nothing to do with you at all!

    The CD is entitled "The Beach Boys Studio Sessions '61-'62" and is on the "nmc music" label. It is "copyright 2000 Burning Airlines" and the catalogue number is "PILOT 62"

    If this is the DCC mastering board members may be interested to know that this is freely available in the UK - is it available in the US?


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  2. Steve Hoffman

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    DCC never licensed "Lost And Found" to anyone, only the LP version to Sundazed, USA.

    Sounds, er, "unofficial" to me.
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  3. Mal

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    It has 21 tracks, broken down into the sections:

    "The Pendletones" performing for the first time at Hite Morgan's home studio, September 15, 1961 (9 tracks)

    Recording as Kenny and the Cadets, March 8, 1962, issued on Randy-442 (2 tracks)

    Candix recording session of February 8, 1962 (9 tracks)

    Stereo demo from 1961 (1 track - "Lavender")

    From memory I'd say this is the same as your DCC disc from circa 1990.

    You should know that this CD is stocked in all the major music shops here - HMV, Virgin, Tower Records etc.
  4. Steve Hoffman

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    Hmmmm. That's mine all right.

    Can you look at the fine print in the CD booklet or tray card and let me know who it is licensed from?

  5. Mal

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    In the booklet it says:

    CD Mastered at LRS, Burbank

    Second Engineer: Kevin Gray

    Project co-ordination: Carlton P. Sandercock for NMC music Ltd.

    (P) 2000 Burning Airlines Under exclusive licence from
    (C) 2000 Burning Airlines
    Burning Airlines is a division of NMC Music Ltd

    ie it seems to have a blank space where you should be!

    The inlay card says:

    All songs published by Guild Music
    (p) 1961, 1962 Deck Records licensed to
    Burning Airlines
    (C) 2000 Burning Airlines
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    That's pretty funny.

    You know, this material is considered PD in some countries for some reason. Bootleg LP's and CD's have been floating around for years.

    I was always afraid that once the DCC version was released, all the bootleggers would just use it as their new master.

    Never thought they would keep the same order, credits, liner notes, etc.

    Kinda funny actually.

    It makes it seem like Deck Records/Guild Music is the licensor. An official release would say "Licensed from Original Sound", I think...

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  7. Mal

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    Well, the people at "nmc" probably think it's funny - laughing all the way to the bank I imagine :mad:

    Doesn't seem right that the major record stores stock these CDs - is it not a copyright infringement to use your mastering without your permission- whatever the licensing deal on the material may be?

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  8. Steve Hoffman

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    Kind of a gray area.

    I wouldn't see a dime whether the release was official or not. My royalty was only paid on the North American releases.

    I'm just sorry Bruce Morgan isn't getting anything. :(
  9. Mal

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    Bruce is given credit as writer of: Luau, Barbie and What Is A Young Girl Made Of. Does this mean he will get the royalties or is this no guarantee whatsoever (ie do you have to trust the record label to send you the cheque)?

    I can understand "unofficial" CD copies floating around record fairs and 2nd hand shops - but I'm surprised that the big chains (HMV etc) get their hands dirty too. Presumably either they are totally unaware of the issue with these CDs or there is no legal reason for them not to sell them. Too bad :(.

    It's ironic that I posted about "Bootleg heaven" just the other day. This is not the kind of bootleg I had in mind!

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  10. Steve Hoffman

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    Publishing royalties are rather lax in England. Bruce won't get a dime.
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