Steve Martin Caro of The Left Banke RIP

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by ajsmith, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. CliffL

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    So sad to hear...what a beautiful, unique voice he had.
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  2. Brian Kelly

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    This is their best song in my opinion.

    I always wondered why Steve Martin didn't do on to more fame once the Left Banke split up. He had a great voice!
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  3. MarkTheShark

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    I remember an interview with him where he said some things like some people "tore me apart" and "I'll never work with the Left Banke or anyone from the past again."
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  6. ajsmith

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    The core members were all interviewed for the liner notes of the 1985 comp ‘The History Of The Left Banke’ and as I recall Martins section was completely bitter and downbeat about his time with the group. This may be the same interview you’re referring to. Of course he did work again with the same guys in 2000 ish for those legendary unreleased reunion recordings... surely they have to come out at some point in the future? The one track that used to be on YouTube ‘Airborne’ was excellent, with Martin’s vocal abilities entirely undimmed...
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  7. melstapler

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    Incredibly sad news. Steve Martin Caro had such an amazing voice and I believe his talent was criminally overlooked and underutilized. George Cameron and Sam Kogon reunited with Steve in 2018, which seemed to be going well and was halted by George's tragic and unexpected passing only months later. It's a shame that we didn't get a new album with these members of The Left Banke. RIP Steve, we'll never forget you.

    The Left Banke 2018 reunion with singer Steve Martin Caro
  8. melstapler

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    Caro, Steve
    CARO, Steve M. 71, of Palm Harbor, died January 14, 2020. No family has come forward at this time.

    Steve Martin Caro
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  9. MarkTheShark

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    That is where I read it, yes.
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  10. Bill

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    The first week I was a freshman at Boston University in September 1967, my new friends and I saw a flier announcing a mixer at MIT featuring the great Left Banke. As big fans of the first album and eager to experience campus life in any way possible, that warm evening we walked across the BU Bridge to the MIT Union at which the show was taking place. After a lot of setting up, it became clear that the stagehands were having trouble setting up the sound system without having each of the vocalists receive a large jolt of electricity through his microphone, complete with impressive sparks. After a few tries and over an hour of effort, and somewhat dazed musicians, including Steve, the crew gave up, ironic in light of MIT's reputation for technological excellence (its last name)! Money collected and musicians there, the promoters decided to go through with the show, so we proceeded to enjoy a live performance of the instrumental backing of each song. No vocals. Quite a night!
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    Wow, amazing story! Shame you didn’t get to hear Martin sing that night: however on the other hand the Banke had such beautiful melodies that I can imagine the backing was still entirely enjoyable in its own right.
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  12. cwitt1980

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    Carbondale, IL USA
    Are these demos available anywhere?
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    He sure did. I always thought he sounded similar to the lead singer of this group, Merry Go Round on their single “Live”

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  15. melstapler

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    Those demos were exchanged in tape trading groups about 20 years ago. Somewhere, I have a CD-R a fellow tape trader sent me and the recordings were good enough to have been issued as an official release. To this day, I believe these recordings would've generated enough interest to support an ongoing reunion similar to what Blunstone and Argent have been doing with their new version of The Zombies for the past 20 years or so.

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