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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by JohnnyK, Oct 25, 2001.

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  1. JohnnyK

    JohnnyK Forum Resident Thread Starter


    "The Beach Boys Greatest Hits" on Razor and Tie is just great. I am always amazed at how good your work sounds. You are a true artist. This CD has the warmth and smoothness of an LP. It has none of the grainey compressed mush of all the commercially available CD's. "Fun, Fun, Fun" and "In My Room" are revelations! Each one of the Beach Boy's voice's are distinct and clear. Compared to all of the other Beach Boys CD's, your remastering sounds HUGE!!! I don't mean that your CD is louder, which it is not, it just sounds larger. The soundstage is huge!! This is the best Beach Boys CD available. It is better than the box set. Capital should be ashamed of the junk that they produce.

    I have a question for you. About 5 sec. into "Do It Again" a couple of clicks can be heard and then Mike's can be heard saying something. Any insight? ;) :cool: :)
  2. lukpac

    lukpac Senior Member

    Milwaukee, WI
    Hmm...I plan on getting it anyway, but how does it compare to the Gastwirt remastered HDCD twofers?
  3. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host


    Thanks for the kind words. I love the Beach Boys and worked hard on getting the best out of those tapes.

    Glad you noticed the "big" sound. Tubes helped retain the sound of the masters during the transfer to digital.

    Those punch in pops and weird stuff at the beginning of "Do It Again" are right on the master tape. I believe there is no finished Multi-track on this song, and this little mono mix (warts and all) is it!

    Oh, the LP version of "Do It Again" with the sound effects at the end is just a redub of this tape. Naturally , I used the original tape rather than the oft-used LP master.

    Thanks again for the kind words!

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  4. Angel

    Angel New Member

    Hollywood, Ca.
    After listening to the DCC Gold versions of Pet Sounds, Spirit Of America and Endless Summer, I sold most of my Capitol Beach Boys CD's. Steve's mastering of these classic songs ruined any other versions for me, forever.

    I can now hear (thanks to what I have learned here at the DCC Forum), bad things that I wouldn't have noticed before in crappy sounding "newly remastered" CD's. No-noise, clipping, or compression, bad Eq'ing and all the other nasties that screw up the sound. Once I discovered these things, that is ALL I seem to hear. So, when a disc like the Razor & Tie "Beach Boys Greatest Hits" is out there for not much money, using Steve's DCC Gold mastering, you would have to be crazy not to snap it up while it still is available!

    THANKS, STEVE And by the way, thanks for not removing the clicks and pops from the intro of "Do It Again". This is how it sounded back then, and it's rather charming...

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  5. Mal

    Mal Phorum Physicist

    Were the last tracks on CD 2 (ie the post Capitol stuff) mastered by SH? If they were I'll have to get the Razor & Tie collection (despite the inclusion of Kokomo :D ).

    Malc S
  6. Dan

    Dan Senior Member

    Anyone have a catalog number for this release? Or a better description? I don't think I ever saw this release.
  7. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host

    www.musicspace.com has the Razor & Tie Beach Boys Greatest Hits.

    Just type the title in...

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  8. 762rob

    762rob Forum Resident

    13 years later...finally got one of these...based on the recommendations here. As with most of the Razor & Tie releases, blink once and they are gone!

    Didn't this label have some sort of affiliation with EMI?
  9. Myke

    Myke Rock Geezer

    Congratulation neighbor ! I've got one too, over here in Davidson County. :tiphat:
  10. 762rob

    762rob Forum Resident

    Hi Myke

    Great to meet you!

    Probably the only two copies in Tennessee!
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