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    I'm not saying I'd take any of them out, I just simply disagree the cut songs mess with the flow any worse than those do.

    "Cities" is where Alex Weir comes out so it fits with the gradual rollout of the performers. It's also one of my favorite songs on "Fear of Music". "Big Business/I Zimbra" is a high energy medley and the latter song is essential to introducing the heavy Afrofunk/Fela Kuti music influence that is otherwise neglected from the performance without tracks like "Born Under Punches" or "Houses in Motion" etc. performed. Being a unique song in the Heads' discography since it is sung in nonsense language, I would argue it is quite important.

    But if you are used to seeing without it, and/or you want Stop Making Sense to be an entry level performance for civilians where major artistic risks are minimized, maybe you don't feel the same way? It's the only way I know it because I grew up watching that VHS and now I can't enjoy the concert as much without them in sequential order, if I am fortunate to have them included at all.
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    Photo of newly discovered original negative from Talking Heads Facebook post.
  3. I think it was more than that for sure. If one is belive one of the books about Talking Heads, Tina wanted Adrian Belew to replace Byrne. He refused.
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    I don’t think the contents of Chris’ book have any bearing on whether or not they’ll reunite. David told Chris he wasn’t going to read it, because he knew people were going to ask him if he had, and he wanted to honestly say no.

    If they wanted to work together again, all of them would need to let go of past aggrievances and focus on putting an acceptable operational structure in place. (Which seems unlikely but who knows.)

    It’s been longer since their reunion at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame than that was from their last proper concert as a band back in 1984. It’s been 39 years since Talking Heads’ last full concert. 39 years ago they were in their early 30s and got a good lift from powdered encouragement. I would love to see them - I was in 4th grade 39 years ago - but realistically, there’s no way they could sustain a full tour without significant help. But I’d stand and dance and cheer and clap anyway.
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    Just chancing it to see if they'll get a bite and then set it as the new norm. A lot of double vinyl albums that are still being pressed today, such as Disintegration and OK Computer, are available for around £25 or less.

    I noticed on the RSD list for this month that the Taylor Swift x2 LP vinyl album is set for a "ballpark" figure at a penny short of £55 - the new normal has already begun.

    Taylor Swift - Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions - (Vinyl LP) | Rough Trade

    "Housed in Bespoke Gatefold Sleeve" - if this is adding £15-£20 more on the cost passed onto the consumer - then please just stop this nonsense (the usual wheeze is a book or booklet)
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    According to Tina and Chris, they asked him to join Tom Tom Club when he was playing on the first album, and he turned them down.
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    If only we had the steve hoffman forum around back then to let us know this tour was lame because they didnt change the setlist each night
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  8. Yes I know the story. One of the Talking Heads books also claimed they asked him to join TH and replace David which he declined. Ade did have to fight them for songwriting credit on the Tom Tom Club record as I recall. Not sure if that was an oversight.
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    Well, yeah exactly. And they didn’t even have the stage set up either. God, that’s SOOO sloppy!
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    Do some people get upset when a band doesn't change ther set every night? Can't say I've ever encountered that, or ever even met someone who expected a band to change their set even once on a tour?
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    Wow a sleeve printed especially for the album! That is ... like every other album ever released!

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    I have to say I hate this idea that artists should care more about their “legacy” than actually expressing themselves creatively. I don’t think the Pixies later albums are as good as their classic ones but I am so glad Frank Black gets to make the music he wants with people he likes and have it be financially feasible, which it was not during those classic years.

    The idea that a band or artist’s past legacy should restrict the art they make now is constricting and reductive.

    If you look at any thread here about any band or artist’s output, you’ll see that for every release there are people who love it and who hate it. Why should any one fan’s taste determine what new releases should be or sound like? Let the artists make the art. If it doesn’t resonate with you, move on to something that does.
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    Interestingly, Belew got a songwriting credit for Mariah Carey - "Fantasy," which obviously contained samples from "Genius of Love. Probably more lucrative.
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    Is there an ETA of when this is expected to be playing in theaters, and any idea yet which theaters?
  15. That’s when he sued as I recall over not getting royalty or credit for the original song.He does now. Not sure about any of the other particulars.
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    Couldn't they just include both cuts of the film on Bluray, with and without Cities, Big Business, and I Zimbra?
  17. No reason they couldn’t if it is structured right.
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    This is the best plan for the Bluray, I’m just hoping the theatrical release is the shorter version.
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    Not as far as I can tell, all we know at the moment is that it will be in 2023.
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    except - it wasn't shot on IMAX film.
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    That's one long FB post.
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    There's a very long and miserable Springsteen thread here I can interest you in
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    That sort of stuff hasn't stopped studios from making 70mm blow-ups of 35mm films before, especially around the time Stop Making Sense premiered.
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    The years have just gone sailing by. I can't say it feels like yesterday that I saw this in the theater upon its original release. I do remember it though. I sadly missed my one and only opportunity to see them live when they performed in Portland, ME on their final tour. I am glad that this is getting a 2LP release, finally. I hope we also get a 3LP release of The Name of This Band is Talking Heads. I can't see Chris, Tina, and Jerry just giving David a pass on his extreme narcissism. The general lack of major success of anything David has done solo tells you how much the band dynamic delivered commercially.

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