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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by davidshirt, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. SJP

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    If she had her powers, she’d be able to see that
    survived the ending.
  2. Pastafarian

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    Worse than that a DR of 3, I thought it was hilarious and a match made in heaven.

    Finished it last night and enjoyed episodes 7 & 8 but some of the scenes became really irritating, joking and arguing distracted from the tension and too much mush at time, other interludes made me laugh out loud.

    Call me a softy but 'the letter' was a great touch and the dispersion was touching.

    I think they should call it a day now or a different scenario, more gate is one series too far.
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  3. wolfram

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    I agree. They've been fighting the same threat for 3 seasons now, only in slightly altered forms. S4 should have a different enemy. Maybe a computer game that wants to start WW3, they haven't done that yet. ;)
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  4. timind

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    I hit FF to the end of that scene.
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    BILLONEEG Forum Resident

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    I just figured they were into playing games when they were younger & now they were older, they were into music. The girl on the radio had no idea anything was happening so she wanted Dustin to sing along with her to her favorite song. My opinion.
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  6. dkmonroe

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    I believe it's been suggested that
    Suzie's insistence on Dustin singing the song with her may have cost Hopper his life. If the code had been communicated immediately he would have been there in position to turn the key like he was supposed to.
  7. Pastafarian

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    Nah the duet was priceless, even if it was so out of tune people died.
  8. Locutus67

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    I liked S3 overall, but did find the Coke product placement a bit too much.
    Having Suzie & Dustin sing Neverending Story worked really well & captured a certain innocence that made me smile.
    It was a nice use of a song that many might not remember given that it wasn't a monster hit back then.
  9. Pastafarian

    Pastafarian Forum Resident

    Product placement has it's place but that was one of those moments, a joke too far given what was going on and it was tosh to boot
  10. dkmonroe

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  11. dougotte

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    I've only watched the season 3 premiere, so I'm avoiding most posts here to avoid spoilers. My favorite part of the episode was Day of the Dead. I came to it much later than Romero's first two films in the Dead series, but I've grown to love it. I'm guessing it figures into the season's plot somehow (don't tell me! don't tell me!).
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  12. mdm08033

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    Blob homage anyone?
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  13. dkmonroe

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    The Thing (John Carpenter version)
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  14. bartels76

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    Dustin was not auto-tuned as I believe he is a theatre actor so he can actually sing. However, the girl was severely auto-tuned.
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  15. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    True, he was Gavroche on stage in Les Miserables on Broadway. And I would have dearly loved to have seen one of his performances!
  16. NickCarraway

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    Gastonia, NC
    Gabriella Pizzolo is also a Broadway actress/singer. She played the title role in Matilda The Musical and Small Alison in Fun Home.
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  17. GreenDrazi

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    Yes, but still auto-tuned here.
  18. GreenDrazi

    GreenDrazi Truth is beauty

    Atlanta, GA
    Just finished tonight and I enjoyed S3 much more than S2. The 80's nostalgia was fun and the music was great. Where else do hear Philip Glass “Satyagraha” and Wham! "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" on the same show? :D
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  19. OneChance

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    That actually really annoyed me, because
    the time wasted singing that song cost Hopper his life. If Hopper got the code sooner, he could've turned the key before the Terminator dude got to him.
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  20. wolfram

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    Berlin, Germany
    Well, from the after-credit-scene we can conclude that Hopper is still alive, though imprisoned by the Russians.
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  21. Vidiot

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    I think that's correct. There's nothing more powerful than an important story point in a script that needs a logical explanation, even if it winds up being a plot contrivance. Don't forget that Matt Modine also disappeared from Season 1 of Stranger Things, and it's not impossible for him to have been transported to Russia instead. There's several possibilities here.

    They established this so-called "summer camp girlfriend" for the toothless kid for some time, so it's a setup that had to eventually pay off. Call me crazy but I thought it was pretty funny.

    BTW, the ratings for Stranger Things were through the roof at 40 million viewers, which is an all-time record for Netflix...

    According to the company's latest selective data dump, 40.7 million member accounts have watched at least part of Stranger Things' third season. (Netflix counts a "view" as a member account having watched 70 percent of one episode of a series or 70 percent of a film.) That's the fastest a Netflix original has ever accumulated such a large audience, according to the streamer.

    'Stranger Things 3' Racks Up Record Viewership, According to Netflix

    Netflix: ‘Stranger Things 3’ Smashes Its Ratings Record
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  22. bartels76

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    She could've fooled me! Maybe her voice changed or something.
  23. Pastafarian

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    Is it not stranger that this aspect is important and why would you expect the two characters to turn in to Broadway stars.
  24. zombiemodernist

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    Mixed feelings about this complicated show again. On one hand it’s stunningly beautiful, the cinematography, color grading and set design exceed the quality of most Hollywood films. On the other, it’s a clunky story that sometimes mistakes regressive and unoriginal ideas as clever pastiche.

    Unfortunately I think it’s really just shaping up to be one of those shows that peaked in season 1, but this does feel like an improvement to me over the second season. Overall I liked the improved cast dynamic and narrower focus and more coherent plot compared to s2. The humor balance felt more natural for the most part as did the shakeup of set-pieces. What I really didn’t like:

    Hopper: I’m 99% sure he’s not dead but with the way they wrote him this season I kind of wish he was! How did he go from being a good-hearted cop with a temper to a cartoonish verbally abusive borderline fascist jerk? The part where he literally kidnaps and assaults the Mayor seemed way out of line for me as well as how he treats Joyce. It’s like they watched Robocop and missed the satire!

    Editing: Often the editing felt off to me, like we were rewinding hours every time we cut sequences. Also the cuts seems to have been designed to rob the show of any sense of ratcheting tension for the mainstream audience. That said I did like the Never-ending Story sequence lol.

    Music: I felt like the music cues were really off this season. I think part of this is the pivot to mainly an action drama vs straight drama or horror, but there were rarely any times as beautiful as the longer emotional music-driven sequences in S1.

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