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  1. JAuz

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    I completely agree and I've complained about it before. It's difficult to savor each episode and discuss it with others (who haven't seen more than you have) without cloistering yourself away until you're finished.

    I don't see how this benefits anyone anyway, though I'm sure I'm missing something. As the above poster says, this could have been a 9-week event over the summer.

    At least with season 4 we got a break before the last 2 episodes were released, so that was better than before.
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  2. JCRW

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    Finally finished watching Season 4 last night. The last episode went on way too long, we actually had to stop it mid-way through and view it as two separate 1 hour episodes over two weeks. The ending certainly seems like they need to pick things up directly from Season 4 into Season 5 but I don't know how they are going to accomplish that with all of the actors growing up rapidly. And you have David Harbour who lost over 80 Lbs to film Season 4, and confirmed that he hated every moment of it and has gained all his weight back for a new film and stating he never wants to go through that process ever again. Maybe looking at an apocalypse scenario?... I dunno.
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    ‘Stranger Things’ Prison at Center of Controversy to Turn It Into a Themed Hotel | Decider

    Whoa, this is sick, and should be controversial that they even chose to film there in the first place. How creepy it must have been t0 be on location &/or acting on set there. I wouldn’t have done it. They should have rebuilt something like it on a lot somewhere to use as the set.

    Re-branded and opened for tourism?? It should be torn down and a memorial built on or around it, and the land put to some kind of good use or watched over..
  4. ODIrony

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    I respect your convictions on this. For me, I'd have participated in the filming (probably backstage as my acting sucks). The place has a horrid and damning past, but filming there today doesn't endorse those crimes or evils that occurred there in that past. It's like if they filmed at Alcatraz - it's not saying every crime that landed someone in there, or every crime perpetrated against the prisoners by those in charge, is being lauded. YMMV
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    I wonder if they already did some filming and then will jump up in time when they begin shooting for Season Five again. Chances are the next season will begin with a lot of chaos a couple years ahead of where we left off. Eleven will probably be a psychotic mess. I also predict the Berlin Wall coming down would have something to do with what happens as well.
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  6. ODIrony

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    Kinky. That could be a very cool pseudo-historical tie-in -- the Mind Flayer takes down the USSR.
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  8. cwitt1980

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    I wonder how much shorter Will is going to be.

    Just joking. That's just how I read it at first
  9. ODIrony

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    So I'm watching an episode of Charmed, and I have to wonder if our beloved Eddie is named after Eddie Mullen in the episode Charmed Noir. It is, perhaps, noteworthy that 'the book' in the episode is written by The Mullen Brothers. Could the Duffer Brothers have riffed on it?
    Charmed Noir
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  11. Comicsanstombstone

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    Yes, hard to imagine how season 5 will play out; the end implies the necessity of a direct continuation, but horror relies on a slow build - hard to see how that will be possible here. I’m less interested in the idea of it launching immediately into action movie territory, the contrast between the mundane and the uncanny (and the latter creeping into the former) is what has made it fun thus far.
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  12. cwitt1980

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    Personally, I think (or hope) they will jump ahead as if Hawkins has been this way for a little bit. Then we can have some kind of storyline of where they're at in the future along with how they've been dealing with it. Certainly they'd have to have some flashbacks of the time we're not seeing. Since every season is like a different brand of an 80's film, I wonder what they will pay homage to in Season Five. My guess would be Aliens.
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  13. Pastafarian

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    I could only take around 20 minutes of episode one, one problem was I couldn't take a repeat of cliched characters plus I couldn't remember who the hell anybody was.

    All it made me consider was to re-watch series one, one maxim don't turn it in to how many series can we get away with.

    I may start from the I can't take anymore, to see if they can save it from a lack of purpose.

    I'm certainly not convinced it's worth the effort even though at the moment I'm not watching any TV, which causes me to be evangelical.
  14. jpelg

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    Season 4 is too long for where we end up. Too much filler, and no satisfying season ender.
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  15. violarules

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    We just finished Season 4 and enjoyed it enough, I guess. Did anyone else find some of the main actors are becoming worse at acting as they grow up? I'm thinking in particular of Mike, Will, and Lucas all being not great at acting in this recent season. :sigh:
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  16. SandAndGlass

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    My main gripe about S4 was the amount of time devoted to the Russian prison subplot.

    It really bogged things down and it wasn't really very interesting. As specially how long the episodes are.

    It seemed to my that the Russian thing could have been edited down by 50% and we would not have missed a thing.
  17. dougotte

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    ...and although Rick Derringer's Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo is one of the best ever singles, it was odd to hear it while they were shopping in the gun store.
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  18. SJB

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    Okay, there was a mixed reaction to my earlier post about how a prisoner in Russia knew about Joyce's change of address. I wasn't gonna get into a whole thing.

    But something else bugs me. Nancy uses a Lite Brite to communicate from the Upside Down. Fair enough, people in the Upside Down make lights turn on in the Right Side Up, we've known that since Will's messages in season 1.


    A Lite Brite isn't a bunch of tiny light bulbs, it's one light bulb that illuminates a number of tiny colored pegs which, themselves, are not electrical or luminous in any way.

    This wouldn't work.
    It's one thing to say people in the Upside Down can make lights glow. But now they're saying Nancy was able to precisely focus the direction of light from a single bulb? Something we haven't seen in any other instance of trans-dimensional light communication on the show?
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  19. noname74

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    Horrible. They need to pull the show from Netflix. This cannot stand.
  20. Kim Olesen

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    It’s a fantasy show.
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  21. SJB

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    I never said they need to pull the show, that would be quite the overreaction. I said that they can't make up their minds how the Upside Down affects the trajectory of lights. Does it make lights BRIGHTER, or does it make them act like SPOTLIGHTS that shine in one direction but not in others?

    Of course, which is why one puts up with psychic powers and alternate dimensions and they never explain what Henry ATE while trapped for several years in a parallel dimension which, upon his arrival, appeared to be entirely barren. Fair enough.

    But Lite Brites aren't fantasy, they're a real thing with known properties that don't include individual light sources for each colored peg.

    I suppose you'll find a reason to jump on me for noticing that the ultra-secret room Tom Cruise lowers himself into in Mission Impossible doesn't have a security camera in it. (It would take one line of dialogue to explain how they defeated the security camera, adding perhaps ten seconds to the film's run time.) Or for noticing that Harry Potter has a devil of a time getting people to believe him about Voldemort's return, even though the wizards have access to at least two different infallible ways of proving he's telling the truth (veritas potion and the pensieve).

    These things don't ruin films and TV shows for me, but I'm entitled to notice them.
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  22. Tim S

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    The rules of the upside down, such as the are, are based on the plot needs of any given arc or episode. It's the ultimate cheat.
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  23. tdcrjeff

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    Was just rewatching some Game of Thrones On Demand and saw Joseph Quinn's (Eddie) one episode where he played a guard at Winterfell trying to keep Arya out.

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  24. cwitt1980

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    I think Lucas had one of the best moments of the whole series acting-wise when Sadie left us mentally. All in all, I think some of the character groups with the younger stars just weren't right. Will seems awkward in the whole thing. It seemed fitting for him for obvious reasons. If they go back to Season One grouping, they may be a bit better with one another. So far I've been really surprised that they don't throw more stuff at Finn Wolfhard to act out. He's supposed to be the smart one but they make him so flakey and clueless.
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