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    Man I am WAY behind. Never did finish up Ozark or this yet. We cancelled Netflix when I lost my job. We ended up moving cross country and haven’t renewed Netflix yet. When I do I’ll visit this thread again and read everything.
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    So Season 5 of Stranger Things is about to go back into production and is expected to arrive before the end of the year. The big news to me is... what are the actors making? Here's the rundown from Puck.News:

    Tier 1: Winona Ryder and David Harbour, the adult stars who have been with the show since the first season. (Ryder was the biggest name initially, and her value has carried her and Harbour through subsequent renegotiations) ($1.2M per episode)

    Tier 2: The four original boys—Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, and Finn Wolfhard—plus later arrival Sadie Sink, who lobbied hard and was added to this tier ($850K per episode)

    Tier 3: The regular teens, including Natalia Dyer, Maya Hawke, Charlie Heaton, and Joe Keery ($750K per episode)

    Tier 4: Everybody else. (much less)

    Reportedly, Millie Bobby Brown has a separate deal with Netflix, and it's anybody's guess as to how much she's getting. My guess is at least $1M per show, maybe $1.2M, maybe more. [Bear in mind there are no residuals on streaming right now.]

    I think that means that the episodes will again cost north of $30 million each, which is an astronomical sum for television ($250M for 8 episodes). Right now, they're going to do a total of 8 episodes for the final season, but if they follow last year's plan, some of those episodes may be 70-80 minutes long, so it's the equivalent of a 10-hour show.

    Stranger Things 4 Has Big Blockbuster Energy
    The Highest Paid 'Stranger Things' Cast Members Revealed

    BTW, Puck columnist Matt Belloni notes that most of the cast only got $25,000 apiece per episode in Season 1, so only now are they rolling in dough. As Stranger Things is arguably the biggest TV show in the world, I'd say it's fair. At this point, they're pretty much irreplaceable.
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    I honestly don’t have any issues with the actors making a absurd amount of money on this. Good for them! It’s not the most phenomenal television series I ever seen, but it maybe the one I’ve enjoyed the most. My wife and I really had fun watching this and I especially loved season 1. Every call back made it more endearing to watch too. It also crosses a huge age range of viewership. That is not a simple task. Genius soundtracks for the seasons as well.

    So in for season 5! My only concern is that they’ve done a lot in 4 seasons, the kids aren’t kids anymore, so what more is there to do? I just don’t want them to beat it to death like entertainment industry has a tendency to do.

    Biggest TV show in the world?! That’s really incredible. But there’s big pressure to deliver then as well.
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    Most of the cast were completely unknown. Most were in their younger teens, so $25k per-episode seems like a lot more money than asking, "Would you like fries with that?". $200k for the season is not chump change. Also, consider them all very fortunate that the series has this enormous cast, reminiscent more of the Harry Potter movies, then some streaming TV show.

    I would say you're right. People watch series because they like the kids, not because anyone pretends that it is anything original. Take the cast away, the series sinks and after it goes Netflix.

    While $250M for 8 episodes might be an astronomical sum for television, it is a small price to pay to keep their little network afloat.

    (Netflix is very fortunate that they have Wednesday as a safety net...)

    Are you kidding? She has been the shows surprise darling ever since she came on the scene in season 2.

    How could we have a Stranger Things without El-Max?

    BTW, Elmax is a real thing. It is a special particle metallurgy knife steel used in high end pocket folding knives.

    What is Elmax?

    Watch the video, it contains an Easter Egg!

    Notice the logo on the shirt of the announcer.

    Word has it that Millie made $2.8M for the third season.

    No doubt she does! Why else is she getting paid $6.1M to star and be a producer, for an additional $500k, in Netflick's Enola Holms?

    For the follow-up Enola Holms, she has been guaranteed $7.5M and flying by private jet.

    She earned $1M for her role in the 1st King Kong movie and you can bet a lot more for the 2nd!

    Let's just say that Tier 3, is very fortunate! At least now, Natalia can afford some groceries...
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    The sands of time are quickly passing through the hour glass...

    The "kids" aren't kids any more. The series as we know it, must unfortunately come to its conclusion after season five.
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    I thought they were there with season 4. The whole Russia side of the story was too much of a stretch for me, and I found the really long final episode a real drag. I'm not sure I'd watch a series where they pretend these actors are still kids.
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    I'm not disagreeing at all -- I'm all for actors to do well. If it's a $30 million dollar show, why shouldn't the actors make $10 million of that? With a regular network show (and sometimes cable shows like AMC or HBO or Showtime), the actors get some residuals for reruns. Streaming is different, and you get the one paycheck you got initially for the show... and that's it.
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    No wonder Netflix keeps raising their prices! ;-)

    Eh, whatever. I'm still enjoying the show. I thought the most recent season 4 was the best. I did think the final episode was a bit long and there were moments here and there that could have been trimmed from a few other episodes, but all in all, I'm still hooked. If I was a gambling person, I'd wager that the final season 5 won't air until 2024 and the way this show goes, even that might be a little optimistic.
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    I am all for actors making as much money as they can. Most actors, both TV and movies, have a finite career.

    If you're young enough and are in a long running series, if it ends and there are no job offers rolling in, then, you have your teens to integrate back into society.

    But, if your in your early teens and you spend them in acting and your career suddenly ends, you become an adult without having acquired vocational skills. Coogan accounts really help here.

    That I knew.

    That I didn't.
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    Well, I can see why the show's coming to an end! It's going to become too expensive to continue.
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    still waiting for season 3 and 4 on blu ray !
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    Netflix has a schizophrenic relationship with Blu-ray, at least for their own shows and movies: I think they'd like to see physical media fail completely, despite the fact that there are collectors who want to own some of what they do, and have it on their shelves as Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray discs. To me, if there's money to be made, do it.
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    Season 3 was my least fav. season.

    Season 4 was a big improvement.

    Hoping Eddie is back somehow. Eddie and Max were great additions.
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    There are also people who don't subscribe to Netflix and are not likely to ever do so.

    There are also people who watch things on physical media. Many of these, like me, don't even watch TV.

    Still, there are many people who live in areas without good Internet service.
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    You gotta wonder why they're hanging around this place.
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    My sister is in a place where streaming doesn't work. It's a 45 minute drive outside of Kansas City, and the nitwit decided to buy this place before checking with her technologically knowledgeable brother to find out what sort of internet connectivity is available. There is no fiber or cable and everybody is on either really bad DSL, or HughesNet/Viasat.

    So discs are really their only option.
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    What may further annoy people who want all this stuff on disc is that, until fairly recently, Netflix sent out pretty nice looking DVD sets of their shows to all Television Academy awards voters. I still have some very nicely designed book-type sets for the first two seasons of Stranger Things. Also shows like Narcos and Daredevil. But as streaming really took off, sending out discs became obsolete and an unnecessary cost.
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    People do read to be exposed and learn about concepts that are new to them.

    I ran a small motel for a decade.
    I stopped watching commercial TV in the early 90's, thirty years ago.

    At the motel I bought the equipment and had the same premium programming package that was offered to homes. Plus I had music, local and movie channels.

    That 65" TV in my office was never connected to a satellite box. My TV was never connected directly to the Internet, ever!

    In my case, I hear about movies often through our discussions. I either go to the theater or wait until the home media version becomes available. Sometimes I wait longer, till it comes down in price.

    I was aware of the young talented Millie Bobby Brown many years ago. I became aware of Stranger Things mainly through this thread. I don't even have a TV where I have been staying in Tennessee for the past 3 1/2 years. I didn't even have Internet on my smartphone until the lock-down began in 2020.

    I only subscribed to Netflix just two years ago. In 2021 I went back and watched the first three seasons of ST for the first time.

    I have bought media for shows that were originally aired on network TV. There is a lot of content that I would purchase if it were to be available on home media.

    Netflix was the big gorilla for many years. Today, there are so many other options available. I think people are getting tired of subscribing to many streaming services? Buying content on media can be beneficial to all parties.
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    We always see these amazing coverage maps for cellular service. In reality, they are not to be believed.

    Before coming to Tennessee, I spent a month in Western North Carolina. People who live out of town, which most do, have these problems. Same thing here in Tennessee. Being that both NC and TN are mountainous areas, uniform service is even more difficult to provide.

    People in rural areas here have to rely on expensive but crappy services like HughesNet.
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    Huh. So Everyone is paid per episode? Does the per episode rate remain the same regardless of how long an episode runs? If so, was the move to significantly-longer episodes in season 4 a deliberate cost-saving measure, a way to have "more" episodes without actually paying the actors for more episodes? I mean, it's really a dramatic difference. I didn't calculate this myself, but if the internet is correct, it's:

    Season 1: 8 episodes, 6.7 hours total
    Season 2: 9 episodes, 7.73 hours total
    Season 3: 8 episodes, 7.4 hours total
    Season 4: 9 episodes, 12.85 hours total

    So am I correct that in season 4 they're getting roughly the equivalent of 14 regular-sized episodes but only paying the actors for 9? The way the show is written and typically viewed, the distinction between episodes is largely meaningless anyway.
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    The final season will take place in 1987, and I believe the creators have said it's impossible for them to go further than that - not just the kids growing up rapidly, but 1988 was the year Winona Ryder achieved stardom with Beetlejuice and it's too weird to imagine those worlds colliding!
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    No, they're paid per season, and then the agents and industry analysts break it down per episode. So if you're getting (say) $100,000 per episode, and there's 10 episodes, you know going in you're getting paid a million bucks. But... you pay 10% to the agent (who made the deal), 5% to your business manager, and then roughly 30% to taxes... so you're lucky to keep $450K after taxes. They would get paid more if the schedule ran long, like if they shot for 6 months instead of the agreed-upon 5 months (or whatever it is). I think each episode of Stranger Things takes at least 2 weeks to shoot, plus another 3+ months of post, which is a crazy/long schedule for TV. More typically, TV is about 8 days to shoot and maybe 2-3 weeks of post. There are exceptions, like the super-big-budget Marvel and Lucasfilm TV series.

    The traditional broadcast TV model of a 1-hour episode (actually about 42 minutes) has kind of gone out the window these days, and the streaming services and pay TV companies will routinely let the producers go over by 5-10-15 minutes if they really want to. I noticed recently that the run times of Poker Face, the new Peacock series, is kind of all over the map: some 45 minutes, some 65 minutes, some inbetween. I like that they give the writers and producers a chance to develop the story and not necessarily chop out some interesting bits and character moments.

    She could look into internet via 5G cell coverage, which is a very real option in many parts of the country. The 5G service I get in my neighborhood is not as fast as 1Gb fiber, but I think it's easily more than 100mb up and down, which is astonishing given that there's no wires.

    I've long wished that our elected officials would enact a bill to provide fast, high-speed internet to every single person in the country, particularly people out in the boondocks. Back in 1936, Roosevelt signed the Rural Electrification Act to give everybody in the country electricity, as a necessity of life. I think internet access is now equally important, since it gives people email, web access, streaming video, streaming music, and all the other things associated with online connection.
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