Strawberry Fields Forever (song + video) Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by AFOS, Jun 10, 2021.

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    Mr. Corgan answers the first question (inaudible) about his influences, citing the Beatles and some American writers. The second question comes at about 1:10, I think. A fan is asking him what song he wishes he wrote...

    The answer won't be too much of a surprise.

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  2. Lexhibit

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    Favorite part is the edit
  3. oldsurferdude

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    Maybe more like one of the greatest singles ever? I'd say it's right up there with "Hound Dog" and "Good Vibrations" you know, the one where it was stated "They've found the new sound".
  4. Plano

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    “You say ‘coo coo’, I say ‘goo goo’, let’s call the whole thing off…”
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    I'll go along with that, to the degree that those singles were just as historically important. But I'm not sure I'd argue that their flipsides ("Don't Be Cruel" and "Wendy") are just as effective as their A-sides. Elvis comes closer, but the Beatles offered perfection twice over.
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    Both by the Beatles — not solo Lennon songs. Paul is integral to both, as John is to “Penny Lane” etc.
  7. elaterium

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    I remember seeing it on Ed Sullivan. Perhaps I’m mistaken. Maybe the Smothers Brothers?
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    Which is why I wrote Beatles greatest achievements
  9. AFOS

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    Crazy how many time the Beatles offered perfection twice over isn't it?

    In 1967, when Brian Wilson first heard "Strawberry Fields Forever" he pulled over in his car, broke down in tears and said, ‘They got there first.”
  10. BeatlesFanthologist

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    Hey Jude / Revolution is a close 2nd for me...
  11. Thank you for starting an appreciation thread! I was worried this classic song and hit single wasn't appreciated enough.
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