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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Richard Austen, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. Jellis77

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    Brighton, UK
    I've asked and will share any reply I get.
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    This was in my inbox this morning. Interesting read where AI is involved to complete Beethoven's 10th Symphony based on his sketches .

    "First, and most fundamentally, we needed to figure out how to take a short phrase, or even just a motif, and use it to develop a longer, more complicated musical structure, just as Beethoven would have done.
    For example, the machine had to learn how Beethoven constructed the Fifth Symphony out of a basic four note motif
    Warning, the name Karajan appears in this article :hide:.

    The article includes a musical excerpt of what the team believed the symphony might have sounded like.

    How a team of musicologists and computer scientists completed Beethoven's unfinished 10th Symphony
  3. Don Parkhurst

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    I do know that Kevin Fiske has recently joined HiFi+ magazine on top of his reviewing for HiFi Critic. Kevin used to have an all Audio Note system and has done a number of reviews of AN gear. Perhaps there will be some showing up in HiFi+ in the near future?
  4. Jellis77

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    Brighton, UK
    Maybe. I have contacted the magazine and am awaiting a response
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  5. Peter Qvortrup

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    Hi Jellis,

    We get very few reviews in general, and never offer publications which tie advertising to reviews, either overtly or subvertly :) products for review.

    We have had a policy for over 20 years of doing no direct advertising anywhere, instead we attend as many shows as we can, as this is generally far more effective as far as presenting the sound our equipment offers than flowery words in an add and even a good review.

    Combined with the fact that we have struggled getting enough products made to satisfy demand (hence the sometimes very long delivery on our equipment) the incentive to throw money at advertising and equipment at reviewers is somewhat limited.

  6. Jellis77

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    Brighton, UK
    Hi Peter

    Thanks for the clarification. I understand your reasoning on this matter.

    I was at the UK show at the weekend and Daniel played some amazing music by a band called Demon Fuzz that I have never come across before. It's always good to hear something new that you like and frankly it doesn't happen often at HiFi shows. He played a wide variety of material all of which came over well - which I guess is the point with Audio Note - it makes all your music sound good, not just a select few recordings.

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