Strut records giving 20% off on Bandcamp and their online shop for the next month...

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  1. Bartolo Mascarello

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    Norwich, England
    We're taking 20% off everything in our Bandcamp and online shop for the next month -

    just use the code BASEMENT20.

    I bought the Nigeria 70 box set for £63.99 at the beginning of March, which I thought was a really good deal for 4 double/triple albums (9 records) and including a free download.
    The same for £51.19 is insane value!
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  2. AnalogJ

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  3. Bartolo Mascarello

    Bartolo Mascarello Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Norwich, England
    Sorry, here...

    Bandcamp link...

    Website link...
    Strut Records

    Plenty of good stuff on there. I've got most of the Sun Ra, plus the Nigeria 70 box set. I'd be interested in other recommendations!
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  4. noname74

    noname74 Allegedly Canadian

    Incredible label and roster of artists.
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  5. audiolab1

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    I would suggest checking out any of the Fela Kuti titles, the Mulatu Astatke titles, and the Fania records set if you're into Salsa. Great stuff! :righton:
  6. Whoopycat

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    Wow, I didn't realize how many releases I already had from this label.

    I recommend:
    Idris Ackamoor & the Pyramids
    any of the Nigeria 70 comps
    Souljazz Orchestra

    Some great stuff here... afrobeat, Peruvian, etc.
  7. Bartolo Mascarello

    Bartolo Mascarello Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Norwich, England
    Thanks. Actually I've got a few more than I thought - forgotten they were on Strut!

    Mulatu Astatke & the Heliocentrics - Inspiration Information 3
    Idris Ackamoor & the Pyramids - An Angel Fell
    Mighty Sparrow - Sparromania

    Often play the 'In the Christmas groove' mix (free stream on Soundcloud) to people who insist on having Xmas music - as the standard fare drives me up the wall.

    I probably have enough Fela Kuti on other labels. The Complete Box on CD, and Vols: 3 & 4 of the recent vinyl box sets.
  8. StephenR

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    Thanks for the heads up on this! The Nigeria 70 box has gone up a bit in price since you bought it but still a good deal, even more so while on sale. I almost pulled the trigger on the vinyl until I saw the $27 shipping charge to the USA and decided to opt for the digital version.

    After comparing the track listings of the 4 individual Nigeria vinyl/CD releases to the tracks on the box it looks like there is a slight difference between getting the individual releases and the box set. The box set includes the documentary audio tracks but has 11 less tracks than if you buy downloads of each release. The individual releases are not all available on either CD or LP but the download versions are still available. The box set is missing one Fela track and a Tony Allen track plus about 9 other tunes. I decided to get each release individually since the total cost was the same as the download for the Nigeria 70 box. Really enjoying what I have listened to so far.

    While I was on the Strut Bandcamp page I listened to the Madagascar release and also part of the Peruvian one both are great. They have some fantastic releases on their label. Since they are on sale and I didn't have them I also grabbed download versions of Sun Ra's "Planets of Life or Death-Amiens 73 and "In Some Far Place: Roma 77".
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  9. Brian Lux

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    Strut's pressing of Marshall Allen present Sun Ra, In the Orbit of Ra is amazing. This compilation has great sequencing of cuts and some of the best sounding Ra and company on vinyl I've heard. Fantastic!
  10. Blair G.

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    Delta, BC, Canada
    Wish I’d seen this thread before now, would have scooped some of the Souljazz Orchestra CDs while on sale
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