Sturgill Simpson - Sound and Fury 2019 album

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by notesofachord, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. slop101

    slop101 Guitar Geek

    So. Cal.
    Yeah, the lack of a download card with this was especially disappointing as I got this album the same day as 5 other albums, and all those had download cards - this was the only album that didn't.
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  2. crookedbill

    crookedbill Forum Resident

    There are obvious vintage influences here like ZZ Top, Cars, and Floyd but this is spiritually and sonically very similar to Queens of the Stone Age (who also share those same vintage influences - even featuring Billy Gibbons on an album back in 2005).

    Sound and Fury shares uncanny similarities with two QOTSA albums in particular - Songs for The Deaf from 2002 which also has a jarring “surfing the radio dial” motif and began with the sound of somebody getting into a car and turning on the radio, and Like Clockwork from 2013 which has a similarly jarring mix of styles and an accompanying series of violent dystopian long-form animated videos.

    Anybody blown away by Sound & Fury who isn’t familiar with the two Queens of the Stone Age albums I mentioned should check them out, stat.
  3. beatlesfan9091

    beatlesfan9091 Forum Resident

    I listened to this for the first time a couple of nights ago along with A Sailor's Guide to Earth (also for the first time) and all I can say is wow. I mean, I liked both High Top Mountain and Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, but with these past two albums (especially this most recent one) he's moved into...well I don't know what to call it, but I love it. I can't get enough of this, especially "Make Art Not Friends." I love the groove in that song (starting at around the two minute mark).
  4. BCJaysfan

    BCJaysfan Forum Resident

    Pre-ordered this blind and avoided Netflix and JRE all based on Sailors.

    Was not disappointed... even expecting something good, this kinda blew me away.

    Not sure on the production and pressing, but cranking it works.
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  5. 500Homeruns

    500Homeruns Peaceful Punk

    Lehigh Valley, PA
  6. I'm 65 and it's not too noisy for me. Are you that much older? :tiphat:
  7. keyse1

    keyse1 Forum Resident

    68 sadlyo_O and hard to believe
    I still listen to rock n roll bands from the 60’s and 70’ s a lot but no longer look for new bands
    Mostly country music or what younger people than us call Americana
    I don’t like noise just for the sake of it which is what I thought of that song
  8. keyse1

    keyse1 Forum Resident

    What was the point of that article
    Country music has been so debased by the nonsense that masquerades as country music since the late 70’s that the musicians that trace their roots back to Hank Williams etc now call themselves Alt country or Americana
    Whatever chart he’s on I hope it’s at the top:)
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  9. Greg braun

    Greg braun Well-Known Member

    Fernley, Nevada
    Country on acid. Really like it. First heard him last summer and am a fan now. He destroyed any mold he may have been in. Will buy vinyl on his website when back in stock. I am 73 so there!
  10. I really dig this album and the influences. Hearing a lot of Black Keys “Brothers” vibe too. (this is a good thing)
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  11. 500Homeruns

    500Homeruns Peaceful Punk

    Lehigh Valley, PA
    I think the point of the article was pretty much what you describe in your post :shrug:
  12. Davmoco

    Davmoco Forum Resident

    Morrison, CO, USA
    I've loved Simpson's past work, but this kind of rock was never a type I enjoyed listening to. I'll pass on this one, but more power to Simpson for following his muse.
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  13. slop101

    slop101 Guitar Geek

    So. Cal.
    For me, it was his last album that I found a little lackluster, this one I'm totally into!
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  14. YardByrd

    YardByrd rock n roll citizen in a hip hop world

    Exactly how I felt. Was ready to pass on this at first because the third album didn't do a thing for me... this one really trips my trigger... maybe even more than his sophomore effort.
  15. agentalbert

    agentalbert Forum Resident

    San Antonio, TX
    If you've been wondering how this material comes off live, here's a good video of Sturgill doing the albums' first three tracks.

  16. notesofachord

    notesofachord Only the Stones Remain Thread Starter

    Wow, blistering! That Minimoog is such a beast that it kind dominates the mix when the keyboardist plays lines on it.
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  17. daglesj

    daglesj Forum Resident

    Norfolk, UK
    Watched the 'movie' on Netflix last night. Totally cold, didn't have a clue what it was about or who was involved.

    Wow! Loved it. Bit uneven but it mostly gelled. Listening to it on Spotify today. More listens ahoy. Guy should ditch Country...
  18. notesofachord

    notesofachord Only the Stones Remain Thread Starter

    More live Sturgill:

    "Make Art, Not Friends"
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  19. bobloblaw

    bobloblaw Forum Resident

    West Coast
    Anybody try the high res download version? I love the album, but the CD sure runs hot!
  20. Daryl M

    Daryl M Forum Resident

    London, Ontario
    CD release delayed yet again here in Canada until 10/25. Unbelievable. At least I can
    pick up Bruce, Neil and Sturgill at the same time.
  21. Sternodox

    Sternodox SubGenius Pope of Arkansas

    Is the movie available on DVD? Saw it last night ... mind-blowing!
  22. This situation is what torrents are for...:shh:
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  23. Yeah, it's a wild ride. Like a more comprehensible anime version of Heavy Metal.
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  24. Maybe it's being delayed so it can be released coupled with the video? #hopespringseternal
  25. slop101

    slop101 Guitar Geek

    So. Cal.
    Not that I know of, but it is on Neflix, making it easy to watch whenever... for now.
    But yeah, the CD should've come with a bonus DVD of the film.
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