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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Derrell Gore, Nov 25, 2021 at 2:09 PM.

  1. Derrell Gore

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    Texarkana. Tx
    I just added a subwoofer to my home audio. Getting feedback thru my turntable. Is it more likely that subwoofer is too loud or too close. It is sitting about two feet from rack.

    or any other recomendations.

    Notice at the end of record on lead out so no music playing.
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  2. head_unit

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    - the subwoofer cone vibrates the air which can vibrate the turntable, so too close is not good. And loud bass volume with vinyl is thus also problematic.
    - Unless the subwoofer is incredibly rigid and on like a poured concrete floor, vibration could be physically transmitted as well. Isolation feet for the sub and/or turntable might help. Some PICTURES of your setup and room and description of the construction would help us help you.
    - What if the turntable is stopped? I assume no problem? Maybe the turntable just has inherent rumble-what model is it? And what phono preamp/amp etc etc (Your profile is empty hint hint). A rumble filter (highpass filter at like 10 or 20 Hz or such) might be needed.
    - How about other sources? Play the same songs from CD, streamed, what happens? (Not necessarily definitive since masterings can be different but still)
  3. James Glennon

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    As has been said above, your profile is empty, no equipment details, so not easy to make a judgement call. You haven't said what make of subwoofer you have either.

    I have been using a REL Stadium subwoofer for years and have never had any issues with it interfering with the turntable. My turntable is about 4 feet away from the subwoofer. What setting have you got your subwoofer at and have you tuned it in with the rest of the system, also what level is the volume of your subwoofer?

    You need to make sure you don't have overlapping bass response between the subwoofer and your main speakers.
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    The sub is vibrating the floor,which is running through the stand. Some sort of isolation should correct the problem. That’s my guess. I had the same issue at one point.
  5. Derrell Gore

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    Texarkana. Tx
    Well it is nothing fancy. Audio Technica 120. Sony SACS9 subwoofer.

    This only happens with the turntable. It is sitting on a glass surface which might need some padding there.

    The stereo stand and the subwoofer are sitting on carpeted floor.

    Turning down a little seems to help.

    Maybe I try putting some additional padding under the subwoofer.

  6. James Glennon

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    Dublin, Ireland
    No need to apologise about your system, that is not what we are about!

    It is really important to tune in your subwoofer with your main speakers, not to overpower them. Subwoofer are not just about bass, if you get it tuned in, it should enhance the sound you already have.

    Glass is not a great base for a turntable, it has ringing properties! You need the turntable under something that has a deadening effect!

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  7. CMT

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    Most of the time, you shouldn't even notice the subwoofer is there. It should be apparent only when there is input in the frequency range it's designed to handle. My experience of recently adding a subwoofer to my system for the first time is that, at first, you're disappointed if it's not booming away, because you don't want to feel like it was a pointless investment. The result is that, at first, you tend to turn it up much too much. Dial it way back and bring it up again in small increments until you just start noticing in low bass-heavy passages. As I say, much of the time, it shouldn't even be apparent. The effect should be a subtle enhancement, not a rumbling, shaky omnipresence--although those people with trembling, rattling, mobile-boombox cars might disagree....
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  8. Derrell Gore

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    Texarkana. Tx
    I think you are exactly right…i am seeing that this is very good advice.
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