Sufjan Stevens - The Avalanche

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    Sufjan Stevens, The Avalanche is being released on vinyl at last on August 31 2018 :).

    Vinyl has been mastered by Kevin Gray and pressed at IRP in Jersey.

    Initially conceived by Sufjan as part of a double album version of Illinois, Sufjan and Asthmatic Kitty Kitty instead released Avalanche as a follow-up companion album on CD and digital.

    Fans have requested a vinyl pressing of Avalanche ever since its release.

    To celebrate the album’s release to vinyl, Asthmatic Kitty Records is releasing a special colored edition, with the first of the 2XLP in “Hatchback Orange,” and the second LP in “Avalanche White.” The edition is limited to 10,000 units worldwide.



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    Thanks, PJ! Good info!
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    Your welcome :)
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    Bought it, listening now to side C.

    The sound of this album has always been great, but Kevin Gray’s mastering takes it to the next level! Super dynamic and great stereo separation.

    Not sure if this is redbook digital or what, but who cares... it sounds superb.

    HOWEVER- pressing quality is pretty bad. The first 30sec of every side has a lot of noise, but after that is okay. The orange disc was quieter than the white. Disappointing to have such great mastering with such crappy pressing.

    Buy it anyway — this is such a special album finally on vinyl!
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    I would contact Asthmatic Kitty direct about it, they have a very good customer department. Also there is a normal black vinyl edition and sale now. And lastly Songs for Christmas has been up for pre-order on vinyl for the past week :D


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