„Suicide Commando“ - 2013 Re-Recording & video by NO MORE

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    No More re-recorded their classic „Suicide Commando“ for the digital mixtape „The Return Of The German Angst“ and release a new video.

    The video was shot in New York City & Berlin and it’s cool hi-speed look-and-feel underlines the essence of the new version of the 32 year old classic.

    More No More on Youtube:

    The Return Of The German Angst - digital mixtape


    01. All Is Well – Senza Macchia – Dj SZUm Remix
    02. Suicide Commando (v.32.x) – 2013 ReRecording by No More
    03. Leaving Berlin – Heavenly Satellite Mix by No More
    04. Not Far To Go– Nightdrive Mix by No More
    05. 123456789 – baze.djunkiii & Herr Brandt Drean A NuDream Remix
    06. Take Me To Yours – Velvet Condom Remix
    07. Gritty Existence – No Hope–No Fear – Remix by NO MORE
    08. Suicide Commando – by Manoush feat. Obee
    09. Desperate Living – No More vs. Psyche

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