Sumiko MMT or Grace G-707

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by olschl, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. olschl

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    Please, no lectures on "only you can tell by listening." You'll see why below.
    I am currently running the Sumiko Premier MMT with Cardas rewire - integrated phono cable.
    My cartridges are:
    Hana SL
    Denon DL-301 II
    Dynavector 10x3
    Shure V15 RS/SAS
    I'll be coming into possession of the Grace; but no tonearm cable. I may be able to get away with using the same armboard on my suspended table.

    On paper (Vinylengine Cartridge Resonance evaluator) The grace is a better match for all my cartridges except the 10x3. Yet they all sound pretty good on the MMT to my ears. I only use fluid damping on the 10x3. I am not the only forum member who likes the DL-301 on the MMT, charts notwithstanding.

    So would the prediction be that the Grace would bring out so much more from the Hana that it would be worth giving up cartridge rolling (why didn't I wait for a 747!) and spending the extra bread on a phono cable? Are there any Grace users out there with any of the above cartridges? Anyone who has compared arms? Also is the G-707 mkII a significant upgrade?
  2. Wishkahdaddy

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    I have an Empire 208. I just bought a Grace 707 mk2 and will have it installed in a couple of weeks and will be pairing with a Denon Dl301-2 cartridge. I also am getting a Grace F8c redone by Soundsmith and am curious how that will sounds with the Grace 707. Now to figure out the tonearm wire for the Grace so I can have it rewired...
  3. vinylkid58

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    Keep the MMT. Much better arm for the Hana SL IMHO.

  4. Gibsonian

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    Iowa, USA
    I have 3 arms, a Grace 707, Victor 7045, and Lustre GST801. The Grace pairs best with the AT carts that I have been using recently, it's the arm on the table, so I guess I would vote for it. Dynamic compliance from 10 to 18 at 100Hz is what the range is for the carts I've used on these arms (3 diff carts). I suspect if I went lower in compliance then this could change, but for now the Grace is top dog.

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