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    I just wanted to point out to everybody that for some reason, Tower has many of the older Sundazed lps regularly priced at $12.99. Using the recently expired 15% off coupon I was able to score the following for just under $100 ($11.00 ea.) with free 2-day Fed Ex. shipping (for orders over $100.00 prediscount).

    Booker T.- Green Onions
    Booker T.- Hip Hug Her
    Byrds- 5D (stereo)
    Byrds- YTY (stereo)
    Dylan- Freewheelin'
    Dylan- Another Side
    Dylan- BIABH
    MC5- Back In USA
    Otis Redding- Otis Blue

    It is true that just about all of Tower's vinyl is listed as special order product, however I have already received a delivery notification for half of these in just under 5 days.

    If these prices are of interest to you, maybe use the current $1.00 off sale, or wait until a better deal comes along. :)
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