Sunrise Records Canada - New Stores opening thread.

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    Knowing how long it takes them to get CD new releases and how unpredictable their timelines are for getting orders and back catalogue in store, I can’t see myself bothering to buy CDs from them for a long time. Are you supposed to call to ask about if a CD is in stock and prices and do in store pick up? That’s practically like calling a friend on the phone to look up something on Amazon for you.
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    There are several options for dealing with this issue. These are real world options I've seen in use. Sunrise having stock/prices info online(they have it privately) would be a major help for everyone involved. Somewhere between these options is a workable method for Sunrise to let customers "browse" in store.

    -glorified pick up window plexi glass with employee personal shopper.

    -face mask requested area with 10 min limit and hand wash station at front for use before AND after your browsing session.

    -I went to a funko pop figure/board game/brain teaser store. They had a basket by the cashier for product you had handled but did not purchase. Employee gives them a wipe and returns then to shelf.

    Browsing vinyl is touch heavy, but maybe they can put all the spines facing upward?

    Anyone know how book stores have let people into their store aisles?
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    Not really mentioned online, but Metrotown Vancouver area mall location was fully open when I was there a few days ago. As was Chapters books.

    Sunrise had hand wash dispenser at entrance with new arrivals on one side with 6 foot lines marked on the floor. Rest of the store was open to the public but was all "one way" only aisles marked on the floor with some shelves/end caps moved to make the store feel like a quasi maze. Only the new vinyl was "ask employee for assistance" due to over touching. The used vinyl is more spread out and has less demand. Seems some Sunrises can be fully open or just "pick up of specific requests only" cashier tills with shelves off limits. Not sure I saw much new stock since March closing save for a small number of newer releases.

    Seems the 2/$22 blu rays and $5 cd were taken out in January.
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    I think something's going on with Warner product. Last year I wanted The Regrettes' "How Do You Love?" on CD and was told that it wasn't available but they could special order the vinyl. Same thing last week with The Magnetic Fields' "Quickies": no CD available but they could special order the vinyl. I've also noticed that there's no CD version of The Flaming Lips' "The Soft Bulletin Recorded Live at Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra" on shelves but I have seen the vinyl version.
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    They’ve never had a great relationship with Warner’s ever since they took over the HMV stores, many Warner’s releases never make stores on release day, if at all.

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